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2015 Paper Craft Wallpaper by INK Studio


We are now becoming all too familiar with the annual wallpaper feature of Ink Studio. Each year, they always manage to up the ante in terms of their design capabilities, pushing themselves further and further in the spectrum of paperart. If you haven't seen last years paper craft wallpaper, bursting with several party related elements and the message to have an EXPLOSIVE New Year, be sure to check it out!

This years wallpaper is comprised of an urban scene surrounded by lush green landscapes. Some of the details include a super detailed paper cut crane, motionless after the completion of building the one, a bird atop and what appears to be a mountain of sorts made from the five, and a large tree and also hot air balloon in the background. With a theme that is clearly inspired by nature, they look to you in the hopes that you are inspired by it too.

2014 Paper Craft Wallpaper by INK Studio


For those of you who aren't familiar with the last New Year related paper craft wallpaper for 2013, it captured a wild element, showcasing colorful totem-like bird creatures in the shape of the one and three for the new year. In this representation of 2014, there are several party related elements along with a message from INK Studio wishing an explosive new year! You can download here.

2013 Paper Craft Wallpaper by Ink Studio

2013 Wallpaper by Ink Studio

Ink Studio is a Brussels based design studio that has created this amazing wallpaper for the year 2013. They have managed to combine a series of beautiful colors and produce what looks to be a very complex paper craft having layer upon layer of eye-catching detail, making it an outstanding piece, so why wouldn't you want it for your desktop? You can download the 1920 x 1200 wallpaper here.