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Old Photographs Sliced Into Geometric Collages

Old Photographs Sliced Into Geometric Collages

Distortions of the Past; Collaborations for the Future is a series by Vancouver-based artist Randy Grskovic of geometric collages of old photographs. The project consists of the artist's response to found photographs and the distorting of memories captured within.

Grskovic says, "I make some stylistic cuts depending on the mood that the image projects to me, which is essentially a projection of myself onto the image. It’s an anonymous collaboration. The document is now skewed. The memory has changed and so has the document. The photograph as well as any other document is never an accurate depiction of truth."

Jelly Swarm at Vancouver Aquarium

Jelly Swarm at Vancouver Aquarium Jelly Swarm is an interactive art installation for the Vancouver Aquarium, inspired by luminescent jellies found off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Created by vancouver-based Tangible Intervention in collaboration with origami artist, Joseph Wu, the installation features 94 folded origami jellies made from Tyvek, each containing an LED light module, suspended from a custom aluminum structure.

Official Music Video for Shutdown by Ryan Dahle

Based out of Vancouver, CASTE is made up of Hanahlie Beise and Caleb Beyers. They have masterfully created the Official Music Video for "Shutdown" by Ryan Dahle from the album "Irrational Anthems". This video was shot entirely with a Canon 5D MkII, at East Van Studios in Vancouver, on a set that was handmade entirely out of paper! Watch the video below.