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Interview with Paper Artist Julianna Szabo

Interview with Julianna Szabo

Once again it has been a little bit since we shared an interview, but fret not it was worth the wait! You may already be familiar with the broad array of talent Julianna Szabo possesses through our post about her Silk Road Film Festival typographic pieces, wowing us with the miniature versions of most parts of the globe. Sometimes her work also features stop motion animation, bringing to life these wonderful three dimensional set designs. This interview will take a deeper look into her background, process and how she got to where she is today. Enjoy!

Interview with Paper Artist Julianna Szabo seen first on Strictlypaper

Artist Creates 4D Typography Handcrafted in Paper

Lo Siento Creates 4D Typography Handcrafted in Paper

We have all familiarized ourselves with the talented Barcelona-based design studio Lo Siento by now, through their typography and even installations. As you can see, their work covers a very wide array of areas. This project was self initiated for their promotion and I have to say is pretty well executed. They have managed to create a mesh of two letters, which results in three per piece that has the sculpted to be 3d, but taken to another level by mixing two letters with a middle letter, ultimately making these paper letters 4d as well. They mention that it is a project about the poetry of paper, and the letters once placed randomly together like above spell DNAMC, which we can safely assume means dynamic... or maybe that's just my interpretation. I mean, it is pretty dynamic typography if that is the case. What do you think?

Paper Quilled Roses and Typography Inspired by Shining Light Lyrics


Lavanya Naidoo is a paper artist and tactile designer based in South Africa, whose talents and mastery in quilled artwork and typography are absolutely stunning. I was particularly drawn to her piece entitled "Thorn in My Side," a personal project where the quote was inspired by the musical lyrics from Ash’s song ‘Shining Light’ and it aptly fit into her love for David Austin roses.

Whimsical Paper Cut Illustrations by Julene Harrison


Originally trained as a constructed textile designer, British designer and illustrator Julene Harrison merged into the paper-cutting realm after starting the craft through her job and gradually getting commissions from friends and then eventually clientele. Her works primarily consist of whimsical typographic layouts, but this medium also lends itself to portraits and a mix of commercial (editorial, advertising, publishing etc) and private (first anniversaries, weddings and invitations etc) commissions, where she is able to sustain this paper cut art as a career.

Quilled Paper Alphabet by Dan Hoopert

Quilled Paper Alphabet by Dan Hoopert Letter A

19 year old Uk-based graphic designer Dan Hoopert has crafted an intricate 3D alphabet series out of swirled quilled tendrils of paper as a personal project. The ornate detail in each of the letters is absolutely remarkable! For creation of typography in the realm of paper, this definitely sets itself apart from the rest. One can only imagine the amount of hours it took to produce this piece. Well done!

Stop Motion Paper Animation for Schweigkofler

Max_Moertl_construction_14_o "Once again the employees of Schweigkofler team up to construct something big. This time they build the logo of their South Tyrolean company in front of the magnificent scenery of the alps." Schweigkofler is a nicely crafted short paper animation by Max Mörtl, a director and animator based in Hamburg who loves to create hand-crafted moving images using live action camera tricks and stop motion animation.

Extremetly Intricate Shredded Poetry Portraits

Extremetly Intricate Shredded Poetry Portraits

We have showcased a fair amount of different styles of portraits sprinkled throughout the site, each being unique in their own techniques and execution. Some of which included the amazing collaged works of Nikki Douthwaite and Senseteam.

UK-based artist Jamie Poole has come to perfect a technique where he collages deconstructed poetry into beautifully intricate and astounding large scale portraits. The detailing in these pieces, from shading to depth, is just blowing my mind. The portrait above is his self portrait where he used loved letters written back and forth from him and his wife. AMAZING!

Spring Typography by Jeanie Chong

Spring Typography by Jeanie Chong

Los Angeles based graphic designer Jeanie Chong has developed this beautiful and vibrant typography experiment symbolizing Spring. She has taken various sized small pieces of paper and collaged them together as well as made little flowers along the text to make this wonderful piece. The flowers remind me of the "P is for Paper" post by Akaya Ito.

Second Nature: Quilled NYT “T” by Sherry Rodehaver

Second Nature: Quilled NYT "T" by Sherry Rodehaver

Quilling, as we have showcased several times throughout Strictlypaper, is the art of rolling and pinching thin strips of paper into very unique designs. Sherry Rodehaver has been quilling since 1971, and for this piece entitled "Second Nature," she, along with four other women, reimagined the symbolic "T" for the New York Times as a field bursting with sunflowers, dandelions and a butterfly that feels as if it would fly away from the illustraton. Rodehaver explained to the New York Times Style Magazine, “I never want anybody to walk away from my work without having that wow factor.” This speaks volumes since it has definitely left me with a "WOW" exclamation on my face!

Proverbs: Layered Paper Cut Typography

Proverbs: Layered Paper Cut Typography

This is a beautiful academic project created by Eva Markova which was hand drawn, made into vector and then laser-cut. I love the technique she used in layering the typography over the rich colors.