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Top 20 Most Popular Posts of 2016

Top 20 Most Popular Posts of 2016

The year has finally come to a close and the new year is upon us... Goodbye 2016, not gonna miss ya! I will however say that I look forward to all of the new art projects and paper artists that will pour into 2017. So let's take a look back to the 20 most popular posts from 2016, which span categories such as handcrafted paper sculptures, colorful installations, intricate origami, whimsical set designs, animations with projection mapping and so much more! Happy New Year from Strictlypaper!

Colorful Shredded Paper Installations by Travis Rice


Mixed media artist Travis Rice has taken paper art to a whole other level with his psychedelic installations. They literally burst with life, overflowing with colorful shreds of paper by the thousands. With the use of a document shredder, meticulous placement and patience, he is able to create these beautiful scenes, that only naturally make your imagination run wild and with names like 'Cotton Candy Cesspool' and 'Rainbow Dyed Psychedelic Hallucination', you are transported into these technicolored worlds. The works themselves embody the theory of creating a sense of movement, much like impressionist painters where on canvas the same is conveyed through blurry backgrounds and streaked, painted lines.