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Nine Iconic Outfits Transformed into Paper Doll Portraits by Ajax Lee


Ajax Lee, a Taiwan-based photographer and art dircetor who is passionate about fashion & trends, has transformed nine famous fashion ensembles – designed by the likes of Christian Dior, Issey Miyake, Viktor & Rolf and Yves Saint Laurent — are reimagined as ‘paper doll’ clothes, propped up and positioned against live models. These 'paper dolls' were shot in an amusement park to match the whimsicality of the theme, the images depict dresses, coats, skirts and swimsuits ‘cut-out’ from large paper sheets, where ‘tabs’ seemingly secure the garment to the model. The models are surrounded by vibrantly hued backdrops, along with paper-made accessories such as dogs, cats, and surf boards to complete the wacky scenes.

Chiral | Projection & Paper sculpture by Robert Seidel | MOCA Taipei 2010

Chiral | Projection & Paper sculpture | Taiwan/Germany 2010

"Chirality is a scientific term describing a structure that is not identical to its mirror image. Chiral collects cinematic etudes, which develop various conceptual approaches in order to expand the two-dimensional image into space. They are projected onto a sculpture (510 x 260 x 370 cm) and a screen (250 x 200 cm) made from handmade Taiwanese paper and develop very different lives on these configurations of the same material."