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Art Nouveau Paper Cut Mermaid Illustration by Wai-Chung Yeung


Sydney based artist Wai-Chung Yeung is a recent Industrial Design graduate with a love for fairytales and mythology, especially those with wonderful creatures that snare the imagination (mermaids, Valkyries, forest nymphs, centaurs, you name it!). Of course naturally when you hear fairytales you think, AH! the classics like Disney, filled with tons of smiles and happy endings. In Wai's case, she is drawn to the darkly beautiful and bittersweet versions of those widely known fairytales because of their rich poignancy and vulnerability.

Stimulate/Sedate Paper Illustrations By Marine Coutroutsios

Stimulate/Sedate Paper Illustrations By Marine Coutroutsios Spirals

Marine Coutroutsios, a french artist based in Sydney, was commissioned to produce an illustrative series, constructed from paper, for a collective pop up show by Art Pharmacy on the theme : Stimulate/Sedate. The series, inspired by the ocean and waves, invites you to contemplate the natural beauty and energy of everyday life depending on your state of mind.

Curled Paper Mosaics by Gunjan Aylawadi

Gunjan Aylawadi Tikrar

Gunjan Aylawadi is a uniquely astounding paper artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her technique, which is influenced by her cultural identity and the Middle Eastern architectural motif, employs the act of "curling" strips of paper to form these incredible, highly detailed illustrative pieces. Similar to quilling, curling appears to be one long strip of paper literally curled to a specific tightness and then placed to form these large textiles. Each work requires deep commitment, both physically and emotionally, and can take Gunjan up to several months to complete.

Interview With Paper Engineer Benja Harney

Interview With Paper Artist Benja HarneyInterview With Paper Artist Benja Harney

There are few and far in between that can astound the paper world to the degree of paper engineer Benja Harney. With a background graphic design, he expanded upon the next level of exploration of paper where he refined his skills and mastered a medium that at the time seemed very obsolete and slightly unnoticed.

He without a doubt has become one of my favorite artists of his time working in everything from editorial, fashion, and even pop-up books where he constantly challenges himself, yet remains completely humble. Reading his interview with us has been truly inspiring! I have also included below another interview which touched my heart as a designer and continues to reaffirm perseverance of ones dreams. I present to you Sydney-based paper artist Benja Harney.

Anna-Wili Highfield: Paper and Nature

Race Horse, 2010 | 73cm x 72cm x 20 cm ink, archival cotton paper, cotton thread, copper pipe, timber block

Anna-Wili Highfield is a Sydney based artist currently making nature-inspired sculptures from torn paper and copper pipe.