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Life-Size Cardboard Figures by Warren King

Life-Size Cardboard Figures by Warren King Warren King is an American artist based in Stockholm, Sweden who creates these stunning life-sized figures from only cardboard and glue. This ongoing project is a recreation of his grandparents’ home village in China one individual at a time. The discarded materials that he uses relate to the nature of the connections he is attempting to reconstruct. The forms are abstracted, and the backs of the figures are left unfinished, revealing hollowness and the artist’s meticulous construction. His work is not so much about the individuals that are represented as it is about his own attempts to understand them, and also the limitations of these efforts.

Life-Size Cardboard Figures by Warren King seen first on Strictlypaper

Interview with Paper Artist Fideli Sundqvist

Interview with Paper Artist Fideli Sundqvist

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm sure you all have been waiting to see our latest interview, at least I am more than pleased to share it. This young lady is from Stockholm, Sweden and currently resides there as a graphic designer and illustrator both in the form of print, product designs and of course, paper! I'm pleased to introduce the talented Fideli Sundqvist. I hope you enjoy our interview with her. Happy Wednesday!

Cardboard Heaven by Nina Lindgren

Nina Lindgren is a Sweden based artist that has constructed this profoundly intricate piece entitled "Cardboard Heaven". One can only wonder what goes on behind the walls and little windows and the stories that they hold.

Bea Szenfeld: Sur la Plage

Bea Szenfeld is a phenomenal theatrical fashion designer based out of Sweden. She manipulates paper in such a way that breathes life into these stunning geometrical forms.…