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Sten and Lex: Poster Stencils

Sten and Lex are based out of Italy and they create some pretty intense work producing what they call 'Poster Stencils' since they are both stencil and poster at the same time. These large format posters have such a heavily detailed process I decided to showcase their video so you can see for yourself.

TSAWORKS: E8 Cluster / Under the Dust Studios / UK

TSAWORKS: E8 Cluster / Under the Dust Studios / UK
Having grown up with graffiti, Martin Böttger creates amazing 3D Animations, Motion Graphics, Graphic Designs, Sculptures, Installations, Performances and Visual Art under the synonym TSAWORKS. Martin studied Visual Communication and New Media at the School of Art and Design in…

Kirigami meets Graffiti

Through his exploration of Kirigami and typography, Eric Constantino has come up with a very awesome combination of the two where Kirigami meets Graffiti in what he calls graffitiami.