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Bank Audi: Car Loan + Home Loan

dadomani - bank audi - car loandadomani - bank audi - home loan After their intricate paper animation video for Lavazza, Milan based creative studio Dadomani does it again. The studio created two commercials for Bank Audi. Both show really nice and detailed set designs and a perfect mix of digital and analog animation technics. Make sure to also take a look at all their making of images, that really shows how much effort they put into each of the videos.

Stop-Motion Music Video for Shugo Tokumaru by Kijek / Adamski

Stop-Motion Music Video for Shugo Tokumaru by Kijek / Adamski

This one definitely needs to be put in full-screen mode! Check the lastest stop motion video from animation duo Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski for Japanese singer-songwriter Shugo Tokumaru. This music video was launched Pitchfork and features an amazing, continuous parade of what must be thousands of cut paper and foam core silhouettes set to Tokumaru’s quirky track Katachi.

Matt Mendez: Square by Paper Donut

Matt Mendez: Square by Paper Donut It's been a while since we have written about Paper Donut and you may remember their piece for the Curious Story involving a paper crafted breakfast scene quite reminiscent of Zelda.

Since then, Alexis Facca has been quite busy with the redesigning of the site as well as some pretty cool new projects, one of which happens to be this space music video for French DJ/Composer Matt Mendez entitled Square. Taking the inspiration from the song, the cassette tape evolves throughout this spatial universe from Space to No Man's Land and onward to Crazy City all the while animating and changing colors along the way.

Lavazza – Favola A Modo Mio

Lavazza - Favola A Modo Mio

"One day in the White Paper city, early morning people wake up and begin to live their lifes. There's something new in the main square, something growing..." -- Dadomani Studio

The Story Of Light by M ss ng P eces

The Story Of Light by M ss ng P eces

M ss ng P eces is a Brooklyn-based creative company inspired by the limitless potential of the web. They took on the project for the introduction of GE's new led light bulb where they had to take a step back and dive into the history of light itself. They became inspired by this story and set out to create a handmade storybook illustrating the journey through the history of light. Each chapter focuses on major jumps in the progression of honing the source. Sit back and enjoy the journey through the history of light.

The Wolf I Used To Be…

The Wolf I Used To Be by Nearly Normal Nearly Normal is a Production Studio based out of London, founded by Saulo Jamariqueli and Jaime Kiss, with over 25 years of combined international creative experience producing a wide array of projects including Motion Graphics, Stop Motion Animation, VFX, Editing, Branding, Art Direction, Illustration, Packaging, Interactive Projects, Viral, Print. They basically can do close to anything! The project featured here is their latest work entitled "The Wolf I Used To Be" where they wanted to do a collaborative project where everyone could participate and contribute with ideas and time along the way. Everything in the short film was created by Nearly Normal including all characters handmade by paper engineer Cintia Bertaccini, the music as well as editing and post-production. The project proves to be a success be a beautifully done stop-motion animation.

Proteigon: Stop Motion Paper Animation by Steven Briand

Proteigon by Steven Briand

Steven Briand aka BURAYAN has created this incredible stop motion short film animation during his two month internship at Partizan. It adds several different types of dimension to paper craft and flows nicely with the music as well.

Beautiful—an Origami Stop Motion Animation for TRAFFIC

traffic wwf beautiful A beautiful and moving origami stop motion film to help stop the trade in endangered animals and promote sustainable trade in non-endangered plants and animals. Created for Traffic, the wildlife trade monitoring network, a WWF joint program.

This is T.I.E by Blinkink

This is T.I.E. by Blinkink

This is T.I.E better known as The International Exchange, where they combine the expertise of corporate communications and the needs of NGOs in developing countries to create positive sustainable change. Joseph Mann of Blinkink based in London as well as a thoroughly extensive crew of help, created this well done handcrafted video covered in paper from the dashboards to the very characters themselves. Below I have included the making of so that you can take a step behind the scenes into the process.

20 Second Paper Animation for Resonance by Physalia Studio

20 second piece for Resonance by Physalia Studio

In mid June I attended the OFFF Design Conference, a post-digital culture festival that took place in Barcelona this year. I had the opportunity to be surrounded by the most relevant artists of our time where we all came together to be inspired.

While there I met the founders of Physalia Studio, a motion-graphics and visual effects studio based in Barcelona. They were a part of the Resonance film, a huge collaborative film produced by SR Partners in which 20 motion artists and studios and 12 sound designers explore the relationship between geometry and sound in 20 seconds.