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Finely Cut Paper Art Looks Like Beautifully Inked Illustrations

Finely Cut Paper Art Looks Like Beautifully Inked Illustrations

San Francisco-based artist Kanako Abe creates hand-cut, intricate paper art, that at first glance look like pen drawings. She started working with paper in 2012 when learning the Japanese art of Ise-katagami—a traditional stencil technique used for complex designs on Kimono fabric. Abe uses the same Japanese Ise-katagami cutting tools but on black paper, in addition to an X-Acto knife, a cutting mat, and—most importantly—incredible patience. The resulting hand-cut creations depict woodland animals and mystical forests that explore “everyday moments and thoughts.”

Artist Creates Hyperrealistic Cut Paper Illustrations Based On Photographs

Thomas Witte Creates Hyperrealistic Cut Paper Illustrations Based On Photographs - Lookout 4

Thomas Witte is a beyond talented cut paper artist, whose work focuses primarily on capturing the essence of a photograph by meticulously cutting out the negative spaces in paper. His background started in the vibrant stencil graffiti scene in Argentina, and his time there solidified his interest in this particular technique. Currently based out of New Jersey, Witte creates these immaculately detailed works, that are so accurately depicted you almost wonder, hmmm is this really cut paper. Well I can tell you that I have had a couple of occasions of seeing his work first hand and they definitely are. Now he is working on larger scale pieces, like we learned in his past interview and I'm excited to see his latest works which will be on display at the Davidson Contemporary Gallery, Booth N-100 at PULSE Miami from December 1-4th. So check it out!

Artist Creates Hyperrealistic Cut Paper Illustrations Based On Photographs seen first on on Strictlypaper

Stencil Portraits by Kris Trappeniers

Stencil Art by Kris Trappeniers

Kris Trappeniers is a stencil artist from Belgium whose work is comprised of detailed large-scale portraits made with only the use of a scalpel and single sheet of paper. He first composes his pieces by starting with a loosely drawn portrait of his subject in pencil or pen. They are then cut by hand with an x-acto knife and later spray painted to produce what is shown here.

Street Art: Banksy Does Origami

Banksy Does Origami

Banksy has a new piece that just popped up yesterday in the UK featuring an origami crane with a goldfish dangling from its mouth as if it was caught from the neighboring canal. Photos by the lonely villein

Sten and Lex: Poster Stencils

Sten and Lex are based out of Italy and they create some pretty intense work producing what they call 'Poster Stencils' since they are both stencil and poster at the same time. These large format posters have such a heavily detailed process I decided to showcase their video so you can see for yourself.

Murmure: Pochoirs

Murmure is a communication design company based out of France. Their recent project entitled 'Pochoirs', directly translated to stencil, utilizes various sized circles in a hole punching technique to convey forms and faces that react to the background that they are placed over. The faces shown here pop of the page when placed against a normal white background, naturally piquing ones curiosity. The simplicity and abstractness of the forms elude to the conceptual relationship between space and body.