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Energetic Papercraft Cartoon Mashup Amazingness by Shotopop

Energetic Papercraft Cartoon Mashup Amazingness by Shotopop

It's been a while since we have posted about our friends over at Shotopop, and since I'm a huge cartoon fan I couldn't resist adding this layered gem to the site. The London and New York based crew was invited by their friends over at WIZZ Design to create a plagiarized artwork for their exhibition, PLAGIAT.

They decided to go with a medium they have used previously, paper. Since they also shared the same affinity for cartoons, they created an amazing mashup of all of their favorites as a layered paper relief. They've got the Power Puff Girls, Fin and Jake from Adventure Time, and Aku from Samurai Jack just to name a few. And of course this colorful masterpiece is bursting to the brim with energy.

Energetic Papercraft Cartoon Mashup Amazingness by Shotopop seen first on Strictlypaper

Shotopop – Voodoo

shotopop - vodoo The fine folks from Shotopop just updated their site and added some really nice new work like this personal project called Vodoo. Everyone on the studio joined in for this exercise. They started off with a flat vector design and altered it until it was in a form where they could build it. Many hours of meticulous cutting and pasting later this gem was born. Also congrats on their new partner, the prolific Shan Jiang. Shan, trained by an Ancient Chinese Kung-fu Master, and the only true living Ninja, has been a legend in the illustration world for a while now, and he’ll now be working his magic as Director at the Studio near London Fields. We can't wait to see more!

ANTA Shoe Box Installations by Shoptopop

Shotopop for  ANTA 1 Shotopop and JWT Shanghai put their heads together to create these in-store displays out of shoe boxes for sports-brand ANTA. 3 individual pieces were develop and built, made up from the cardboard of ANTA shoe-boxes, to represent 3 prominent Chinese Basketball players, sponsored by ANTA. Multiple blunt blades and an eye infection later, the project ended up winning an Outdoor, as well as a Design Lion at the International Cannes Lions Awards 2011. Congratulations Shotopop and JWT Shanghai. Amazing work!

Tactile Tattoo by Shotopop LTD

"We thought we'd play around with making a tattoo design into something tactile. " - Shotopop

“All of me” by Chris Chameleon

All-of-me-Chris-Chameleon 01 "All of Me" is the first video from the prodigious South African talent, Chris Chameleon's latest album, Made Available. The video is a collaboration between Brighton based Shotopop and the nice people from WIZZ in Paris. Designed and directed by Shotopop and produced by WIZZdesign, the video features an array of paper sets, a mass of paper cut-outs, some careful hand held camera work, and some nifty 3D touches courtesy of the skilled hands at WIZZ. The result is a mix of mediums, minds and techniques all tied together to form an emotionally charged visual journey set to a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance.