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An Animated Journey Through Time With Courvoisier, The Toast of Paris [Video]

An Animated Journey Through Time With Courvoisier, The Toast of Paris [Video] - Davy and Kristin McGuire

We have been incredibly enamored by the body of astounding visual works through talented husband and wife duo Davy and Kristin McGuire. They have the ability to convey imaginative stories, sometimes even extremely romantic, through projection mapping animations onto large paper dioramas. The viewer is able to peer into these worlds with wonder, feeling wrapped up in these given moments as if they might be there themselves.

Inspired by the papercraft aesthetics and projection techniques that they developed for their first commission from Courvoisier, Alchimie de Courvoisier, the cognac brand invited them to create paper film sets for their new campaign. The commercial above has been shown in cinemas, and the paper rendering of the Eiffel Tower and the Parisian town house for the key visual are now on display in Courvoisier‘s own museum in Jarnac, France.

An Animated Journey Through Time With Courvoisier, The Toast of Paris [Video] seen first on Strictlypaper

The Wolf I Used To Be…

The Wolf I Used To Be by Nearly Normal Nearly Normal is a Production Studio based out of London, founded by Saulo Jamariqueli and Jaime Kiss, with over 25 years of combined international creative experience producing a wide array of projects including Motion Graphics, Stop Motion Animation, VFX, Editing, Branding, Art Direction, Illustration, Packaging, Interactive Projects, Viral, Print. They basically can do close to anything! The project featured here is their latest work entitled "The Wolf I Used To Be" where they wanted to do a collaborative project where everyone could participate and contribute with ideas and time along the way. Everything in the short film was created by Nearly Normal including all characters handmade by paper engineer Cintia Bertaccini, the music as well as editing and post-production. The project proves to be a success be a beautifully done stop-motion animation.

Proteigon: Stop Motion Paper Animation by Steven Briand

Proteigon by Steven Briand

Steven Briand aka BURAYAN has created this incredible stop motion short film animation during his two month internship at Partizan. It adds several different types of dimension to paper craft and flows nicely with the music as well.

The Move: A Short Animated Paper Film by Mandy Smith


Before we can talk about "The Move" as a film you must first start with all of the incredible elements that are seen throughout. The house, the interior and the set are what clearly make this film a work of art and Mandy Smith is the craft master behind it all. With only the use of paper, glue, foam board and wire, she has delicately crafted a very unique piece of work depicting a little of the heart of Amsterdam.

The Thomas Beale Cipher: A Short Film by Andrew S. Allen

I'm sure many of you may recall when I blogged about this visually striking short film that I had the privilege of viewing entitled "The Thomas Beale Cipher", at the Animation Block Party in New York last summer. At the time our readers were only privy to viewing the beautifully crafted trailer which only left us wanting more.

Tim Burton’s Rabbit Hole by United Fakes

This is an amazingly handcrafted paper proposal created by United Fakes about a season of Tim Burton films for a Dutch tv channel. It just goes to show the many different ways to step outside the boundaries of animating.

Star Wars given the Paper Treatment by Eric Powers

Star Wars given the Paper Treatment by Eric Powers - Princess Leia + R2D2

The Original Star Wars Trilogy retold via paper animation set to the lovely song 'Tatooine' by Jeremy Messersmith. Animated/Directed by Eric Power.

Andrew S. Allen: The Thomas Beale Cipher

On a recent trip to the just finished Animation Block Party in Brooklyn, New York, I stumbled upon an astounding video entitled ‘The Thomas Beale Cipher’ by Andrew S. Allen. When I say wow I mean it!…