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Happy New Year by People Too

Russian paper artists Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich make up the talented duo known as People Too and they have recently completed another astoundingly detailed piece just in time for the new year.

Yulia Brodskaya: Christmas in Wonderland

I must showcase the latest piece from Yulia Brodskaya, an incredibly talented Russian illustrator who we may widely know her for her innovative paper illustrations and who continues to create beautifully detailed paper designs for clients all around the world. She has recently been commissioned to create the main visual for the 2010 Christmas campaign based around the headline 'Christmas in Wonderland'. This work being one of the many amazingly refined quilled projects she has done.

Serge Mendzhiyskog’s Intricate Collage Photography

Russian modern artist Serge Mendzhiyskog cuts and reconfigures hundreds of photographs into these intricately abstract collages which in turn reveal a different aspect of how the photographs themselves can be viewed as a whole.