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Snow Leopard Meets Biker In This Personified Cardboard Mashup by Boris Klimov

Snow Leopard Meets Biker In This Personified Cardboard Mashup by Boris Klimov

Kazakhstan-based artist Boris Klimov is well known for creating personified taxidermy animal characters as we have seen in the past with good ole' Chefpanzee. His latest cardboard sculpture was inspired by a trip to the Almaty Mountains where their main predator is the snow leopard. He decided to do a mesh of a biker and the leopard together to produce Bar Biker! You can see the foot pedals and handles jutting out in a criss-cross fashion almost making him look like a ninja or a skull and crossbones, either way... it's a snow leopard with attitude!

Snow Leopard Meets Biker In This Personified Cardboard Mashup by Boris Klimov seen first on on Strictlypaper

Artist Creates Delicate and Ethereal Paper Fairy Lighthouses

Delicate and Ethereal Paper Fairy Lighthouses by Joanna Karaseva

Russian designer Joanna Karaseva designs these wonderfully charming miniaturized paper houses, lighthouses in particular, that feel as if they are plucked from the secret world of fairies. At first glance you may think that these houses are made using the Papier-mâché technique, however she uses a special, and secret, technique specific to this type of modeling. Each fairy house is carefully handcrafted with the use of only French Canson paper, PVA glue, LEDs, batteries and wires. The rigidity and strength of the paper architecture is achieved from a unique technology of combining ribs and textures. The act of bending and folding the curvature into the paper allows for deeper texturing and a relief effect. The individual elements, such as windows and lanterns are made of colored transparent tracing paper. Even finer details placed in the paper cobblestones and mosaic tiled footpath are absolutely breathtaking.

Artist Creates Delicate and Ethereal Paper Fairy Lighthouses seen first on on Strictlypaper

Extravagant Baroque Paper Wigs Adorned with Everyday Objects

Extravagant Baroque Paper Wigs Adorned with Everyday Objects - Airplane

Known for creating exquisite, fashionable and most definitely wearable works of art, like previously featured, artist Asya Kozina has made this incredible collection of paper wigs that incorporates EVERY bit of extravagance. Utilizing only paper and cardboard, they are fashioned in Baroque-era monochrome decadence. Each piece is adorned with everyday objects, whether they are swashbuckling ships or majestic planes, that appear as if to have landed upon a robust cloud.

Paper Dolls by Asya Kozina

Asya Kozina Paper Dolls

Russia-based paper artist Asya Kozina has created these astoundingly intricate paper costumes, which were especially made for the wedding underwear company "Wild Orchid". The different styles that are depicted in this series show the traditional fashion sense of bridal dresses found in countries across the globe, but realized in this ever so delicate medium, paper. The black and white truly captures the the elegance and grace perfectly!

Cardboard Chefpanzee By Boris Klimov

Cardboard Chefpanzee By Boris Klimov Front

With a background as an architect/designer, Kazakhstan-based Boris Klimov chose an interesting career path in advertising. He started at small companies in his home city in Russia and is now currently working for GForce Grey Affiliated Agency called Almaty as an Art Director. He has created this amazing taxidermy like paper sculpture of a gorilla with a chef hat on, and kitchen related items surrounding him, completely out of cardboard. Chefpanzee, an amazing mesh of names by the way, has great detailing in how it is sculpted as well, it makes me feel as if a cartoon character is jumping directly off of the wall.

Large Scale Architectural Collages by Anastasia Savinova

Large Scale Architectural Collages by Anastasia Savinova

Anastasia Savinova is a russian-born visual artist currently living and working in Sweden whose background in architectural studies has led her to create these intriguing large scale collages. Each collage is comprised of layer upon layer of photographs shot in various European capitals. The series is titled "Genius Loci", which according to the Romans was a protective spirit of a dwelling, takes on a more contemporary meaning which refers to a location's distinctive atmosphere. Savinovas's crisply composed collages are more than a medium of contrasting doors, windows, and roof lines, they explore the structure of life in their connection with the land and the spirit of the place.

Fan The Flame by People Too

Fan The Flame by People Too

People Too has become widely known for their expertise in crafting the most ornate and miniaturized scenes depicting a truly lifelike atmosphere for their viewers.

In this advertising campaign for Amnesty International entitled Fan The Flame, Lena Erlikh and Aleksey Lyapunov were hired by agency Ogilvy & Mather London to create these astounding paper sculptures which focus on the brutality that can happen all over the world. Amnesty, a non- governmental organization focused on human rights, utilizes their logo, a lit candle, to burn the paper oppressors therefor showing in a literal sense the standing up for human rights. A very brilliant and well executed advertisement.

Fuckopalypse by People Too

Fuckopalypse by People Too

Many may think 2012 is the year of the apocalypse according to the Mayan Calendar. Art Lebedev Studio, designer of the prototype Flashkus, has collaborated with several illustrators and is in the process of designing a calendar entitled "Fuckopalypse" which each month shows a different way that it could all come tumbling down.

One of the collaborating illustrators is the Russian design duo People Too, which have made an incredibly detailed paper depiction of plant life taking over and causing large amounts of chaos at precisely 12:12. Their attention to detail makes for remarkable scenarios like the new years scene that they did. Below you can see their process and more close up details and see more of their work at peopletoo.ru.

Flashkus: Disposable Cardboard USB Flash Drive

flashkus back

Art Lebedev is a Russian design studio based in Moscow that works on projects that specialize in industrial, graphic, web and interface design. The studio has recently come up with a pretty amazing USB flash drive that is made of completely disposable cardboard stock called Flashkus which will set the bar in the future of portable technology in its smallest form. The Flashkus comes in a magazine of 4 USB flash drives which can then be detached along their perforations and can be personalized with basic info, different graphics, or basically whatever you like making it a very convenient storage device.

Babushka: New Quilled Work from Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya Babushka

A new work from Yulia Brodskaya that takes quilling to completely different level. Just when we think we have seen the magic of paper artwork there is something else that manifests itself. Yulia is definitely one of the most talented quilling artist I have seen to date and her work is definitely awe inspiring and I hope that you enjoy.