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Paper Theatrics by Alfalfa Studio


New York-based design firm Alfalfa Studio had been chosen to make a series of theatrical posters for Texas-based theatre company Amphibian Stage Productions and have done a marvelous job of producing the three-dimensional quality of theater to the more common two-dimensional space of a poster. Provided also is a look behind the scenes into their process in producing a fine poster series.

Clockwork Paper by United Fakes

Clockwork-Paper_06 Clockwork Paper—Illustration work for PDL Cigarette Papers advertisings on specialized press created by United Fakes. See their Making Of:

Florian Morelet and Aurélien Juner: Moon Walker Paper Art

""One Small Piece of paper for man, one giant leap for mankind""

Stop Drinking Association: Alcohol can end your party

Alcohol can end your party

"Alcohol can end your party. Stop Drinking Association. 1-800-STOPNOW"

Hello Smelly Trees: Best Robot Wishes

‘Paper & Glue’, 2010 | Graphic Design & Typography – a personal project from Hello Smelly Trees
image from Hello Smelly Trees

Sten and Lex: Poster Stencils

Sten and Lex are based out of Italy and they create some pretty intense work producing what they call 'Poster Stencils' since they are both stencil and poster at the same time. These large format posters have such a heavily detailed process I decided to showcase their video so you can see for yourself.

Murmure: Pochoirs

Murmure is a communication design company based out of France. Their recent project entitled 'Pochoirs', directly translated to stencil, utilizes various sized circles in a hole punching technique to convey forms and faces that react to the background that they are placed over. The faces shown here pop of the page when placed against a normal white background, naturally piquing ones curiosity. The simplicity and abstractness of the forms elude to the conceptual relationship between space and body.

Plug in and Blast off!

broadband speed

Plug in and blast off with this intricately detailed advertising campaign for Celcom Broadband by agency M&C Saatchi and paper crafts by James Seet, showcasing epic amounts of broadband coverage in paper.