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Artist Creates Magical Campaign Promoting Christmas in Bristol Crafted in Paper [VIDEO]

Sam Pierpoint Creates Magical Campaign Promoting Christmas in Bristol Crafted in Paper

Currently residing in the rural countryside just outside of Bristol in the Mendip Hills, paper artist Sam Pierpoint works both commercially and artistically, for a variety of different purposes ranging from advertising campaigns, magazine covers, editorials, installations, set design, product packaging and window displays.

She was recently commissioned by Peloton Design who wanted to collaborate on a Christmas campaign that would cut through the noise for Visit Bristol. They decided upon a paper sculpture of Bristol that would capture some of the cities most loved attractions. This cityscape is moonlit in the night, and created with G.F Smith papers in a muted color palette of white/champagne. LED lights were carefully threaded through the sculpture to create a warm and inviting glow, allowing for the fine details of the structure to almost glisten against the dark backdrop. The advertising campaign, which also included an editorial illustration, a publication illustration, window display and a making-of video, featured below, successfully helped to promote Bristol as an exciting and magical Christmas shopping destination for 2016.

Colorful Poster Series Mimicking Cut Paper for Wellington City Council Summer Series

Colorful Poster Series Mimicking Cut Paper for Wellington City Council Summer Series

We have all been enamored by the incredible works of Eiko Ojala and how his digital illustration style mimics the look of layered cut paper like in his Naked series. He sure had me fooled! In these posters, Ojala has illustrated beautifully the goings on of various events for the Wellington City Council in New Zealand over the summer. Prepare to be blown away by the bold color combinations, people pouring out of everyday objects and the robust feeling of summer in each and every one.

Creatives Make New York City

Creatives Make New York City - Behance

"Creatives Make New York City" is a celebration of craft, process and the creative community. Writers, designers, art directors, illustrators, musicians, glass-blowers, wood-burners and the like will be gathering November 15th from 6pm-8pm at SapientNitro, 40 Fulton St, New York, NY 10038 to celebrate the people and creative that make this city great. Developed in support of Behance Portfolio Review Night, the actual set piece was handmade to bring together the community to share and inspire.

Chef’s Masks by Zim and Zou

Chef's Masks by Zim and Zou

Zim and Zou have been peppered throughout the site with their numerous projects that are all innovative, unique and extremely colorful. These projects range from a paper tape cover for your usb to a bright blue burger on the cover of a magazine.

Hidden Tales

Colsubsidio Hidden Tales Red Riding Hood and Sherlock Holmes

Lowe-SSP3 has created these posters for Colsubsido's "Book Exchange" program which takes the slogan "Come with a Story and Leave with Another," to a literal sense. See if you can find the hidden story in this optical illusion that mimics that of paper.

Ministry of Sound, Saturday Sessions Posters


Andrew Bradford is a graphic designer that has created a set of three posters to promote the Ministry of Sound Saturday Sessions. He has built them out of several colorful layers representing sound waves similar to David Benmussa's Joy Division tribute.

Forest by Eiko Ojala

Forest - Eiko Ojala Forest is a series of personal illustrations by Eiko Ojala for the solo exhibition “Teine lõige” at Von Krahl, Tallinn, Estonia. Beautiful, funny, minimal.

Dry The River: 3D Paper Craft Horse Posters

Dry The River Horses: 3D Paper Poster Dry the River created these huge 3D paper-craft horse posters in collaboration with FOAM/Sony Music creative Xavier Barrade to promote the new UK band. This short film shows the posters being crafted and fly-posted across London. Xavier designed the horses in 3D with Google Sketch Up before printing out and assembling the component parts. Each horse took around 35 hours to build.

Tiny Rolled Paper Portraits by Anant Nanvare

Tiny Rolled Paper Portraits by Anant Nanvare

Anant Nanvare is a very talented digital illustrator from Mumbai, India as well as very talented with what appear to be thousands of rolled pieces of paper. He has created an incredible series of colorful and very detailed portraits made from rolling paper into tiny stacks for Conquerer Paper.

3D Paper Infographic Posters by Pattern Matters

3D Paper Infographic Posters by Pattern Matters

Pattern Matters is a graphic design-based project inquiring on possible ways to augment the role of pattern by looking into the design process and tactile exploration through pattern making, where the main objective of the project is to inspire designers to look at pattern in every possible angle.

Pattern Matters has come up with three infographic posters that each display their specifics of topic in a 3D format where each paper sculpted piece not only represents a percentage but is also visually shown through a different color. The posters are the Frequency of Blood Groups in the Singapore Donor Population, the Energy of Worldwide Oil, Gas and Coal Left, and the Deaths Caused by HIV, Malaria, Suicide, Alcohol and Road Traffic. You can see the amount of meticulous work put into each piece and how lovely they came out in the end.