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The Paper Strikes Back, Paper Craft Millennium Falcon by Oupas Design

The Paper Strikes Back, Paper Craft Millennium Falcon by Oupas Design

To all of you Star Wars fans, myself included, I love seeing all of the wonderful paper art that has been created around the classic George Lucas movie. Oupas Design, based in the heart of the city of Porto, Portugal, has done just that for the company Blip, that has a team that goes by the name “Millennium Falcon”.

The graphic design studio and team of four: Cidália, Joana, Sofia and Tobias (the cat), whose work is centered on illustration and set design, with their ultimate medium of choice being paper and cardboard and they build on a varied scaled of tiny pieces for stage and event designs, to a larger than life sized cardboard cities. Blip had a desire to transform their work station by adding a replica of the spaceship from Star Wars, but with their team color: green. Oupas ultimately made their dream come true by constructing a paper craft spaceship measuring 1,20 meter wide.

The Paper Strikes Back, Paper Craft Millennium Falcon by Oupas Design seen first on on Strictlypaper

Whimsical Layered Paper Cut Animal Illustrations by Vaclav Bicha

Whimsical Paper Animal Illustrations Vaclav Bicha  Strictlypaper Whales_front

Originally hailing from Prague, Portugal based freelance illustrator Vaclav Bicha has created this series of adorable and whimsical paper cut illustrations of colorful animals as a personal project to complement his daughters room.

OLY Paper Bracelet by Gonçalo Campos

OLY Paper Bracelet by Gonçalo Campos

Gonçalo Campos is a is a portuguese product designer who is continuing to explore the possibilities of design through function and material. The OLY Bracelet is disposable paper jewelry free for download as striped or even blank so you can customize yourself.

Clemens Behr at the Get Set Art Festival, Portugal 2010

clemens behr - get set art festival 2010 German artist Clemens Behr created several installations for the Get Set Art Festival that took place October 4th-10th, 2010 in Porto, Portugal. Working with the simplest materials and basic geometric forms, Behr creates complex ephemeral architectures that blur the lines between 2D painting and 3D objects.