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Interview with Paper Artist Sam Pierpoint

Interview with Paper Artist Sam Pierpoint - Paper Bristol

It's been a little while since we have had an interview grace Strictlypaper, and I am more than thrilled to share our interview and the incredible works of none other than Bristol based paper artist Sam Pierpoint. Her paper sculptures are astounding! The amount of detail that is carefully placed into each is truly unique. Sam also has an incredible range spanning advertising campaigns, magazine covers, editorials, installations, set design, product packaging and window displays. We have already had the opportunity to see some of this range through her Christmas campaign for Bristol. All in all her works are well thought out visual masterpieces, so I implore you to enjoy this look into Sam Pierpoint.

Interview with Paper Artist Sam Pierpoint seen first on on Strictlypaper

Laser Cut Pop Up Kirigami Cards of Landmarks from New York, Paris and London

Laser Cut Pop Up Kirigami Cards of Landmarks from London - Tower Bridge

With over a decade of experience working as a graphic designer in leading branding agencies around the world, London based artist Judy Robinson decided to create something purely for the love of creating. With her passion for papercraft and a love of sophisticated minimalist design Paper Tango was born. Little did she know that her pop-up creations made in her small bedroom in North London would, through the encouragement of family and friends, grow into an international creative business. These kirigami pop-up cards are of landmarks from New York, Paris and London, which have been intricately laser cut and individually hand folded and trimmed. The card is A4 size and made from premium Italian paper and UK paper stocks. Be sure to check out the entire collection on Paper Tango.

What a Mess! A Pop-Up Book of Misadventure

What a Mess! A Pop-Up Book of Misadventure by Keith Allen

With a love for pop-up books inspired by the everyday (mis)adventures of his children, Keith Allen, a Cleveland based Senior Product Designer and Paper Engineer, at the well known greeting card company American Greetings, has ventured into self-publishing to create this unique book about how hard it is for his children to clean their rooms. 'What a Mess! A Pop-Up Misadventure,’ is a story that follows two siblings after their messy room becomes so out-of-control that it explodes from their doorway, sends them to the top of a toy mountain, spins them around in a dust-nado, and much more. Every page turn is a dazzling, well-constructed, complex paper pop-up that is sure to delight and amaze. He takes this mundane chore and has made it fun for them by turning it into a story of adventure.

Pop-Up Projection Mapped Greeting Card Using Smartphone

Pop-Up Projection Mapped Greeting Card With Smartphone

Auditoire, a Paris-based consulting agency in event communications, has created the first ever projection mapping pop-up greeting card that uses a smartphone as its video projector. In “Carte de Voeux 2014,” Auditoire projects light animations and video onto a card that opens into the facade of famous architectural buildings in Paris, Shanghai and Doha. Be sure to check out the video below.

Little Red Riding Hood Light Book

Little Red Riding Hood Light Book by Julia Froehlich

Julia Fröhlich is a freelance paper engineer and designer based in Rosenheim, Germany who has a variety of depth in her collection of works which includes pop-up books and sculptural illustrations. Julia has constructed this beautiful carousel pop-up book which consists of five scenes, each showing a key scene of the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood". In each of the scenes a different color has been chosen to convey a mood. There are several different types of paper used in the carousel, but the front layer is hand cut out of a special paper called japanese chyiogami. There is also translucent paper that is used, this becomes only visible when the light inside the book is switched on.

The Pop-Up Wizard From Prague Exhibition


Vojtech Kubasta (pronounced VOY-tesh ku-BASH-ta), who was born in Vienna and grew up in Prague, was a man of many talents. He was a Czech architect, graphic artist, children’s book illustrator and master of the pop-up book. In his time, the 1960s and ’70s, his uniquely incredible engineered books were translated into dozens of languages and read by millions of children around the world. However, in the United States, he was virtually unknown.

In invite you today view these works while they are still available. About one hundred items of Kubasta's work, which has been carefully curated, are now featured at the Grolier Club and will be on display until March 15th in “Pop-Ups From Prague: A Centennial Celebration of the Graphic Artistry of Vojtech Kubasta.”

10 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Your Loved Ones


In the past we have had some gear-like jewelry, a pixel pop-up card and even a mechanical greeting card. Who says you can't be creative! As the infamous Valentine's Day draws near and proves to be a special occasion, for some, I have decided to feature some various works that you can either DIY (do it yourself), purchase online or just sit back and admire. Also featured below is a video of the image above. ENJOY!

Pop-Up Pixel Valentine’s Card

Pop-Up Pixel Valentine's Card

If you are at the starting point of looking for a Valentine's Day card for your loved one, look no further! Kate from Mini Eco has designed this lovely pop-up pixel heart card that you can download on her site for free. There are detailed instructions for both light paper and dark. Also provided are scoring instructions. You can find all the information you need here.

Courvoisier’s Paper Craft Pop-Up

Courvoisier's Paper Craft Pop-Up

You may or may not remember the inspiring and absolutely stunning projection meets paper craft pop-up book entitled 'The Icebook' by famed husband and wife duo Davy and Kirstin McGuire. The two were now summoned to create a similar styled work of art entitled 'Alchimie de Courvoisier' representing the heart of Courvoisier by reimagining the prestigious Paradis cellar.

Paper Pop-Ups by Mengyu Chen

Paper Pop-Ups by Mengyu Chen

Portland-based designer Mengyu Chen is currently working on a new comic and took the time to mock up these experimental pop-upsas a reflection.