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Fantastic Miniature Worlds Bursting with Color for Hermès Window Display in Dubai

Fantastic Miniature Worlds of Nature Bursting with Color for Hermès Window Display in Dubai - Floral Full

The French duo Zim and Zou have graced us with their stunning works in the past, from vintage electronics to colorful chef's masks covered in festive fruits and veggies. All in all, their work has an underlying theme of colors in unique combinations and their attention to detail.

These two papercraft window displays are for the opening of a new Hermès store in Dubai (Mall of the Emirates). Through this project, spectators have a sneak peek at the curious characters living inside this nature filled environment. One window has a motif of a mushroom village, while the other shows blooming flower huts. This microscopic point of view shows plants and other vegetal life reigning as masters, like a kind of picture, a flash, a precise instant in nature’s unrestrained run.

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New Paper Bird Sculptures Juxtaposed With International Stamps by Diana Beltran Herrera

Paper Bird Sculptures Juxtaposed With International Stamps by Diana Beltran Herrera

Colombia-based artist Diana Beltran Herrera has always had an affinity towards birds and nature that stemmed from her childhood, however it wasn't until the past few years that it started to prove prominent in her work. Previously, we have seen her paper birds in minimal form as well as full of color and life. These lifelike representations include an acute attention to detail and unbelievably are all crafted out of cut paper. This latest series incorporates a new set of beautiful birds from countries she has always admired, each captured within oversized postage stamps. Appropriately enough, it is National Bird Day!

The Power of the Paperback by Todd Watts

The Power of the Paperback by Todd Watts - Charlotte's Web 'Charlotte's Web' - E. B. White

Todd Watts is a multidisciplinary communication designer from Melbourne, Australia, who developed skills across a multitude of disciplines from an early age. After having a few bouts of disconnected internet, Watts re-discovered his love for reading books, a path that led him to challenging himself in the art of papercraft by manipulating books of his favorite stories into surreal and imaginative works of art.

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Artist Creates 4D Typography Handcrafted in Paper

Lo Siento Creates 4D Typography Handcrafted in Paper

We have all familiarized ourselves with the talented Barcelona-based design studio Lo Siento by now, through their typography and even installations. As you can see, their work covers a very wide array of areas. This project was self initiated for their promotion and I have to say is pretty well executed. They have managed to create a mesh of two letters, which results in three per piece that has the sculpted to be 3d, but taken to another level by mixing two letters with a middle letter, ultimately making these paper letters 4d as well. They mention that it is a project about the poetry of paper, and the letters once placed randomly together like above spell DNAMC, which we can safely assume means dynamic... or maybe that's just my interpretation. I mean, it is pretty dynamic typography if that is the case. What do you think?

Canon City: Iconic Buildings and Architecture Handcrafted in Paper by Hattie Newman

Canon City: Iconic Buildings and Architecture Handcrafted in Paper by Hattie Newman

Surprisingly, I can't believe I haven't had the opportunity to write about the incredible talents of internationally recognized, UK based paper artist Hattie Newman. Her work continues to leave me in shock, due to her incredible attention to detail and likeness she is able to create. Newman builds large-scale sets, and in this particular instance cityscapes, that are all entirely made of paper.

She was commissioned by the agency, Imagination to create a 3m by 3m paper city for Canon’s Expo in Paris, where they decided upon a mixture of iconic buildings and architecture styles from around the world, with The Eiffel Tower being the focal point. I love that paper sculpture, once viewed a little closer, is able to transport the audience to that world, immersing you in the elements found in each particular city. The project took about 6 weeks to complete, where it was then installed onto a bespoke plinth. Wow... just wow!

DIY Paper Beetle Sculpture Kits by Assembli [Video]

DIY Paper Beetle Sculpture Kits by Assembli - Atlas Beetle Red

Assembli is a Netherlands-based studio started between printing company Lankhorst and designer Joop Bource, where they develop fun and contemporary interior design projects with a challenging twist. They have just released a colorful trio of DIY beetle models crafted from paper and cardboard, where all of the skeleton parts, wings and body parts interlock together to form this fun 3D puzzle kit. The flat-pack model kits are available in three different beetle species including stag, hercules, and atlas, each in a number of different metallic colors. The kits are currently available on Etsy. Be sure to watch the videos below to see their easy assembly.

Artist Creates Magical Campaign Promoting Christmas in Bristol Crafted in Paper [VIDEO]

Sam Pierpoint Creates Magical Campaign Promoting Christmas in Bristol Crafted in Paper

Currently residing in the rural countryside just outside of Bristol in the Mendip Hills, paper artist Sam Pierpoint works both commercially and artistically, for a variety of different purposes ranging from advertising campaigns, magazine covers, editorials, installations, set design, product packaging and window displays.

She was recently commissioned by Peloton Design who wanted to collaborate on a Christmas campaign that would cut through the noise for Visit Bristol. They decided upon a paper sculpture of Bristol that would capture some of the cities most loved attractions. This cityscape is moonlit in the night, and created with G.F Smith papers in a muted color palette of white/champagne. LED lights were carefully threaded through the sculpture to create a warm and inviting glow, allowing for the fine details of the structure to almost glisten against the dark backdrop. The advertising campaign, which also included an editorial illustration, a publication illustration, window display and a making-of video, featured below, successfully helped to promote Bristol as an exciting and magical Christmas shopping destination for 2016.

Realistic Paper Sculptures That Play With Scale by Mikako Azakami

Realistic Paper Sculptures That Play With Scale by Mikako Azakami - Jumbo Camera

Tokyo based artist Makiko Azakami began her paper making career while working as a 3D modeler for Sony Creative Products, where her interests led to the Sogetsu School of flower arrangement where she further studied under hat designer Akio Hirata. An impulsive urge to create a sculpture of Godzilla led to a more serious interest in the arts, culminating in her first exhibition in Tokyo in 1985. The works in the exhibition were displayed as photographs, and the “cute” reception that the diminutive subjects received bothered Azakami. Many years later, when visiting an exhibition of Australian sculptor Ron Mueck, Azakami was impressed by his approach to subjects and their scale. Taken by the character and charm created by the simple combination of scale and material, Azakami tried her hand at recreating an assortment of objects. Taking everyday objects, such as cameras, typewriters or even a calculator, and recreating them in a variety of scales by shrinking them down, making them into paper toys or blowing them up beyond their usual dimensions, each crafted out of paper.

Artist Creates Delicate and Ethereal Paper Fairy Lighthouses

Delicate and Ethereal Paper Fairy Lighthouses by Joanna Karaseva

Russian designer Joanna Karaseva designs these wonderfully charming miniaturized paper houses, lighthouses in particular, that feel as if they are plucked from the secret world of fairies. At first glance you may think that these houses are made using the Papier-mâché technique, however she uses a special, and secret, technique specific to this type of modeling. Each fairy house is carefully handcrafted with the use of only French Canson paper, PVA glue, LEDs, batteries and wires. The rigidity and strength of the paper architecture is achieved from a unique technology of combining ribs and textures. The act of bending and folding the curvature into the paper allows for deeper texturing and a relief effect. The individual elements, such as windows and lanterns are made of colored transparent tracing paper. Even finer details placed in the paper cobblestones and mosaic tiled footpath are absolutely breathtaking.

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3D Letter Sculptures for the Silk Road Film Festival Crafted From Paper

3D Letters for Silk Road Film Festival Crafted From Paper - SRFF

Dublin based artist Julianna Szabo is the creator of intricately detailed, hand-cut paper sets and illustrations. Her tactile worlds are often three dimensional and sometimes even brought to life with the use of stop motion animation, drawing you in with several visual metaphors. This typographic series was a commission for the annual Silk Road Film Festival, where she was asked to create a poster that represented the event. Her inspiration was drawn from the ancient silk road itself, making the 3D hand crafted, paper letters a representation of the journey along that road.

The S, in the form of a mountain, represents China and is wrapped with a winding dragon, the R representing India, is stacked with a tall latticed building atop an elephant, the F for the Arabic world, features beautiful golden mosque domes and a camel in the desert, and lastly, the F for Europe, features well known landmarks, like Greek columns, the Roman Amphitheater and the waterways of Venice. Be sure to watch the making of to get a more in depth look into how it all came together. Each letter is so ornately detailed and fashioned with the monuments and architectural structures from these regions, I can only imagine the amount of hours it must have taken to accomplish such a wonderful masterpiece.