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Realistic Paper Sculptures That Play With Scale by Mikako Azakami

Realistic Paper Sculptures That Play With Scale by Mikako Azakami - Jumbo Camera

Tokyo based artist Makiko Azakami began her paper making career while working as a 3D modeler for Sony Creative Products, where her interests led to the Sogetsu School of flower arrangement where she further studied under hat designer Akio Hirata. An impulsive urge to create a sculpture of Godzilla led to a more serious interest in the arts, culminating in her first exhibition in Tokyo in 1985. The works in the exhibition were displayed as photographs, and the “cute” reception that the diminutive subjects received bothered Azakami. Many years later, when visiting an exhibition of Australian sculptor Ron Mueck, Azakami was impressed by his approach to subjects and their scale. Taken by the character and charm created by the simple combination of scale and material, Azakami tried her hand at recreating an assortment of objects. Taking everyday objects, such as cameras, typewriters or even a calculator, and recreating them in a variety of scales by shrinking them down, making them into paper toys or blowing them up beyond their usual dimensions, each crafted out of paper.

Wheel of Life Paper Zoetrope By Makerie Studio

Wheel of Life Paper Zoetrope By Makerie Studio

The Makerie Studio, using one of the most versatile and beautiful mediums, paper, has teamed up with Director André Gidoin to magically bring one of these worlds to life, by creating and filming a hand made paper Zoetrope.

Timber Jack Paper Toy by Tougui

Timber Jack Paper Toy by Tougui

Guillaume aka Tougui is a freelance graphic designer established near Annecy in France. You may remember his paper sculpture illustration entitled Yeti Attack, which was beautifully executed. It would seem that Tougui has an affinity towards the woods and nature. Now here is a wonderful 3D version of what would be similar to that of his illustration style as a paper toy. Meet Timber Jack! This little guy happens to also for sale in his shop. You can also check out the other paper toy goodies here.

Super You! Do-It-Yourself Action Figure

Mathew Hawkings - Super You Super You is a fun customizable paper toy that Matthew Hawkins created for Kohl's and Children's Mercy's S.T.A.R. Power program. Matthew imagined Super You to encourages kids to imagine themselves as a superhero by creating their very own action figure. Then it's time to get up and get active with Super You! Kansas City based toy designer Matthew Hawkins loves to create whimsical, animated, colorful and beautiful papertoys. He runs the wonderful blog custompapertoys.com and showcases a beautiful collection of work on his behance profile.

Whimsical Paper Craft Dioramas For Editorial SM

Whimsical Paper Craft Dioramas For Editorial SM

From Buenos Aires with a degree in Graphic Design from a University within the same city, Barbara Perdiguera is currently now an illustrator and animator based out of Madrid. The the nine papercraft dioramas series showcased here is for Editorial SM (Spain). Two have been selected to appear in the annual prestigious American Illustration 31 to be published this November. The one above which reminds me of the cover of the infamous Totoro and below, of the pink bear skipping through the woods.

Arthur by Paul Mullen

Arthur by Paul Mullen

Paul Mullen is a design student from Aberdeen, Scotland who has a true passion for design, type and illustration. This character that he designed for one of his classes, Arthur, is inspired by the seagulls heard throughout Scotland. Paul pays very close attention to precision by way of paper engineering, building on his technical skills which clearly show in it's vast detail. This piece took him approximately 3 weeks to complete and by far a lovely paper craft.

Hand Cut Paper Beast Award from Sigrid Spier

Handcut Paper Beast Award Sigrid Spier

Just when you think you have seen it all, another technique that I have yet to see. Sigrid Spier, from the Netherlands, has created an award for Best Beast maker by stacking layers of paper to make it 3D.

Cardboard Pinhole Hasselblad by Kelly Angood


Kelly Angood is an England based set designer and maker of both props and functional objects who has replicated a Pinhole Hasselblad based on her desire to own one herself. Only utilizing the internet and books as her point of reference, she has produced the Hasselblad on screen-printed corrugated cardboard and made it into a fully functioning replica that accepts 120 film.

Paper style 3D illustrations by Yum Yum, London

yum yum london - PaperCharacter Yum Yum is a London, England based animation, illustration, and design studio. They make awesome toys, really fun animations and these amazingly looking 3d illustrations that look like real paper crafts. This little dude above was born out of the process of a tutorial about 3d illustration for the magazine 3d world.

Zombigotchi Paper Toy

Mikey Please has done it again and now with a short animated film entitled Zombigotchi, about a lively zombie paper toy promoting a new iPhone game.