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Extravagant Baroque Paper Wigs Adorned with Everyday Objects

Extravagant Baroque Paper Wigs Adorned with Everyday Objects - Airplane

Known for creating exquisite, fashionable and most definitely wearable works of art, like previously featured, artist Asya Kozina has made this incredible collection of paper wigs that incorporates EVERY bit of extravagance. Utilizing only paper and cardboard, they are fashioned in Baroque-era monochrome decadence. Each piece is adorned with everyday objects, whether they are swashbuckling ships or majestic planes, that appear as if to have landed upon a robust cloud.

Taste the Font

Taste the Font

Primprim is a creative communication studio based out of Lithuania where it's heads Catherine Žilinskienė and Miglė Vasiliauskaitė have created this very cool installation that represents fonts as paper foods. In their series "Taste the Font" they have taken popular dishes, made them from paper and have associated each dish to different typography for Vilnius Design Week.

Form In White: Relief Paper Sculptures by Bianca Chang

Bianca Chang - Form in white (Double prism), 2012 PaperBianca Chang - Form in white (Double prism), 2012 Paper

Beautiful minimalistic and geometric relief paper sculptures by Australian artist Bianca Chang.

Sets for a Film I Will Never Make: Incredible Intricate Cardboard Sculptures by Daniel Agdag

Sets for a Film I Will Never Make: Incredible Intricate Cardboard Sculptures by Daniel Agdag

Daniel Agdag is a Melbourne based artist and filmmaker who creates meticulous industrial objects out of just, believe it or not, cardboard. These complex sets are cut into manageable pieces using a surgical scalpel and assembled intuitively by hand using wood glue without any detailed plans or drawings. He describes his process as being a kin to that of drawing in three dimensions with cardboard.

Red Battle by LoSiento

Red Battle by Lo Siento

LoSiento has made this awesome paper geode covered with army men that was part of a collective exhibition at N2 gallery in Barcelona which was commissioned by Kognitif.

ANTA Shoe Box Installations by Shoptopop

Shotopop for  ANTA 1 Shotopop and JWT Shanghai put their heads together to create these in-store displays out of shoe boxes for sports-brand ANTA. 3 individual pieces were develop and built, made up from the cardboard of ANTA shoe-boxes, to represent 3 prominent Chinese Basketball players, sponsored by ANTA. Multiple blunt blades and an eye infection later, the project ended up winning an Outdoor, as well as a Design Lion at the International Cannes Lions Awards 2011. Congratulations Shotopop and JWT Shanghai. Amazing work!

Italian Design is Coming Home

Alberto Parise and Giovanni Pasini have created this very detailed sculpture completely constructed out of 30 different colors and types of paper, sponsored by Polyhedra, that measures two and a half metres wide and took one month to construct. The idea behind this project was the bringing together of Swiss and Italian designers collaborate to celebrate the shared design heritage of their two countries, hence the title Italian Design is Coming Home. They have also provided a video showing their process over that course of time which you can see below.

Cardboard Heaven by Nina Lindgren

Nina Lindgren is a Sweden based artist that has constructed this profoundly intricate piece entitled "Cardboard Heaven". One can only wonder what goes on behind the walls and little windows and the stories that they hold.