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Top 20 Amazing Examples of Paper Quilling

Top 20 Amazing Examples of Paper Quilling

There are many beautiful artworks made of paper that we have seen throughout this site and many others, whether monumental sculptures or unique carvings out of books. However, there is one technique I feel hasn't gotten as much love it deserves, the art of paper quilling. There are so many talented artists out there and I feel that it is absolutely necessary to share them with you all, even if this is just the beginning. The featured artists share a common goal in breaking the boundaries of traditional quilling, leaving the viewer mesmerized, with circling questions of "how did they do that?!" and "Wow, that's incredible!" I hope you enjoy this selection!

Top 20 Amazing Examples of Paper Quilling seen first on Strictlypaper

Bold and Colorful Advertising Campaign for Chandon in Paper By REVERBERE

Bold and Colorful Advertising Campaign for Chandon in Paper By REVERBERE

REVERBERE is a lab-workshop based in Paris where tailor-made graphic solutions are brought to life. The team was tasked in the creation of the decor and accessories featured throughout this international advertising campaign for Chandon. Geared toward the Millennial generation, these posters all show visuals that are bold and colorful universes of paper food, beaches and celebratory cannons, inviting us to relax and share a chilled glass of Chandon together. I honestly feel like I'm packing for a vacation with these ads, bring it!

Bold and Colorful Advertising Campaign for Chandon in Paper By REVERBERE seen first on Strictlypaper

Incredible Vintage Scenes Fashioned in Painted Cardboard by Dosshaus

Incredible Vintage Works Fashioned in Painted Cardboard by Dosshaus - Sunday Lunch

Dosshaus is the artistic collaboration of Zoey Taylor and David Connelly, multidisciplinary artists whose work ranges across the board with painting, sculpture, installation and performance to photography, film, and video. Wow, say that five times fast! They have an ongoing series entitled House of Cardboard, where they showcase reclaimed cardboard that has been transformed into vintage styled pieces that are either worn or used in these quirky scenes. Each object down to the sewn garments, dining table of paper food, or freestanding camera are all hand painted in black and white and also blueish tones and affixed with glue, giving each piece an old fashioned feel, as if plucked from a vintage animation.

Fresh Drinks: Tropical Paper Craft Ingredients by Rendi Studio

Fresh Drinks: Tropical Paper Craft Ingredients by Rendi Studio - Carambola + Watermelon

Franco Giovanella, a graphic designer based in Jaraguá do Sul, a small town in southern Brazil, has been working in the graphic design industry for the last 10 years, particularly in advertising agencies and other studios. Becoming tired of working towards solely the final product, Franco opted to start enjoying it and adding a dash of fun, hence the birth of Rendi Studio, an agency focusing primarily in tactile design. This collection of delicious looking drinks all have their colorful ingredients crafted out of paper and who doesn't love a little bit of paper food, I know I do! Similar to Nearly Normal's paper fruit calendar, these polygonal fruits burst to life!

YCN Fedrigoni Pizza Paper Sculpture

YCN Fedrigoni: Pizza Paper Sculpture

We love our fair share of paper food sprinkled throughout the site, hence the need to include this gem, especially for pizza lovers! The lovely pizza paper sculpture you see before you is a collaborative submission by Leeds-based graphic designers Sebastian Needler and Andy Foster for YCN's Fedrigoni brief. Within the brief they were asked to provide a range of products highlighting specifically the high-end stock, while also showcasing their versatility. They decided to link back to Fedriogini's Italian origins with arguably Italy's most famous food, the pizza.

Fun Flavors 2014 Papercraft Calendar By Nearly Normal


Known for their mastery in paper craft and thinking outside of the box, London-based design studio Nearly Normal are far and few in between when it comes to showcasing their talent. You may remember one of their projects "The Wolf I Used To Be..." a beautiful stop-motion animation where a wolf wants to become a man and then realized he is better off where he was in the beginning.

In this installment, Nearly Normal has created a calendar, but with a twist. The entire calendar is made out of paper and each month shows a different fruit cut in half with the patterned numbers of that particular month on the inside. I love the colors and I think the project itself is beautifully done. Each of the items were paper crafted by Victoria Bee, Rita Araujo, and Cris Wiegandt.

The Sandwich Book

The Sandwich Book

This isn't the first time we have featured paper food on our site. Wrocław-based artist and designer Pawel Piotrowski has done just that and created The Sandwich Book, a book completely made of paper where it's pages are the common ingredients found in a typical sandwich. YUM!

Taste the Font

Taste the Font

Primprim is a creative communication studio based out of Lithuania where it's heads Catherine Žilinskienė and Miglė Vasiliauskaitė have created this very cool installation that represents fonts as paper foods. In their series "Taste the Font" they have taken popular dishes, made them from paper and have associated each dish to different typography for Vilnius Design Week.

Chef’s Masks by Zim and Zou

Chef's Masks by Zim and Zou

Zim and Zou have been peppered throughout the site with their numerous projects that are all innovative, unique and extremely colorful. These projects range from a paper tape cover for your usb to a bright blue burger on the cover of a magazine.

The Future of Food by Zim and Zou

The Future of Food by Zim and Zou

The latest installment from the talented duo Zim and Zou, is the cover for Icon Magazine's Issue 104: The Future of Food. The issue itself is about what food will be like in the future with their reflection being on 3D food printer technology. They have even supplied an animated gif! Stack it up, stack it up!