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The Office by Paper Donut

The Office by Paper Donut

Paper Donut aka Alexis Facca has made this incredibly detailed office along with an imaginative fictional story about an agency based in London. Photos by Tom Joye.

Matt Mendez: Square by Paper Donut

Matt Mendez: Square by Paper Donut It's been a while since we have written about Paper Donut and you may remember their piece for the Curious Story involving a paper crafted breakfast scene quite reminiscent of Zelda.

Since then, Alexis Facca has been quite busy with the redesigning of the site as well as some pretty cool new projects, one of which happens to be this space music video for French DJ/Composer Matt Mendez entitled Square. Taking the inspiration from the song, the cassette tape evolves throughout this spatial universe from Space to No Man's Land and onward to Crazy City all the while animating and changing colors along the way.

Curious Breakfast by Paper Donut

"Soul soul! Imagine your own story with our paper-sims curious breakfast. Go on and be creative!"

Paper Donut, a french collective directed by Alexis Facca, has created this lovely piece in response to the Curious Story campaign.