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Hermés Paper Works by Andy Singleton

Hermés Paper Works by Andy Singleton

Andy Singleton has been featured on Strictlypaper a couple of times now it is due to his superb mastery in paper crafting. While working with stylist Nikki Docker, he was commissioned to create a series of installations at Hermés based on the theme of travel and adventure. He created three paper chickens, 3 small 30cm boats and one large scale, partial boat, approximately one meter long that appears to be riding on paper waves. Lovely job!

Andy Singleton Liberty Stationery Window Installation

andy singleton liberty paper bird

Here is a preview of the birds that will be displayed by paper artist Andy Singleton, who had been commissioned to create a hand-crafted paper installation for the recent opening of The Liberty Stationery Room on March 10th, which includes a three-metre long window installation and two framed wall pieces. They unveiled a whimsical and romantic set of three woodland scenes called ‘They loved What They Found’. The three pieces are based around the idea of nesting birds. Stay tuned for more information and pictures regarding the installation.