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Paper Record Player by Kelli Anderson

Paper Record Player by Kelli Anderson

The talented Kelli Anderson along with her partner in crime Daniel, came up with a brilliant idea to create a paper record player wedding invitation which perfectly suits the soon-to-be-wed couples love for music. The invitation itself is booklet-style and upon folding it in the appropriate manner, the user is then able to listen to the couples original song by hand-spinning the record. How it works, the sound is amplified by the moving of a sewing needle along the grooves of a flexidisc record or can be unscrewed and played on a regular turntable as well. You can see how it works in the video below.

Paper Stop Motion Music Video for Amos Lee’s Flower by //kneeon

AMOS LEE - FLOWER 1 This beautiful stop motion music video for Amos Lee's Flower is made almost entirely out of white paper. Directed, animated and produced by //kneeon, a New York based production company founded in 2008 by directors Mike Healey and Kelly Goeller.

Cardboard Music Video Filles et Garçons: Un Dilemme

Panache Filles et Garçons: Un Dilemme

Dare to Care Records has produced a music video for the rock band Panache from Montreal. Their music video entitled "Filles et garçons: un dilemme", which translates into "Girls and Boys: A Dilemma", was directed and edited by David Valiquette with graphics and stop motion created by Alexandre Bazinet all handmade out of cardboard.

Mastercard Priceless Paper Craft Music Campaign

Mastercard Priceless Paper Craft Music Campaign

Shelby Craig is a designer working on several different platforms ranging from photographer to digital and also a traditional means. He currently works for McCann based out of Sydney where they created a campaign for Mastercard Priceless Music where they wanted to represent them in such a way that would appeal to a newer generation.

SHITDISCO – OK Pull Tab Paper Pop-Up Music Video


This pop-up book music video directed by Price James, a British Director residing in New York, for the song OK by Shitdisco. It's a mesh of puppetry, pop--up book and pull tabs. While the song is being played, the puppeteer moves the pull tabs back making the mouths go back and forth to sync with the song. Actually when you watch it, it's quite hilarious. Enjoy!

Official Music Video for Shutdown by Ryan Dahle

Based out of Vancouver, CASTE is made up of Hanahlie Beise and Caleb Beyers. They have masterfully created the Official Music Video for "Shutdown" by Ryan Dahle from the album "Irrational Anthems". This video was shot entirely with a Canon 5D MkII, at East Van Studios in Vancouver, on a set that was handmade entirely out of paper! Watch the video below.

Lara Vs The Savage Pack by Midnight Juggernauts Music Video

“Lara Vs The Savage Pack”, by Midnight Juggernauts. Shot frame by frame, then re-shot using over 2000 printed pieces of paper.