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Shape & Shadow Animates Paper Cutouts Into Hypnotizing Music Video

Shape & Shadow Animates Paper Cutouts Into Hypnotizing Music Video

Hayley Morris of Shape & Shadow has created a mesmerizing music video for Austin based band Explosions in the Sky using her trademark stop-motion animation style incorporated with thousands of paper shapes and geometric sculptures. To create these hypnotizing patterns and folds along side the single ‘The Ecstatics,’ Morris uses delicate cut-outs made of paper, moving each unique piece by hand. The latticed shapes and origami sculptures are then brought to life through projection mapping and marine colors.

I Have Your Heart – Stop Motion Animation By Molly Crabapple, Kim Boekbinder and Jim Batt

I Have Your Heart Proposal

The I Have Your Heart story begins in 2010 when Molly Crabapple and Kim Boekbinder came together and schemed to make an animation showcasing Crabapple's amazing art and Boekbinder's delicious music. Later down the line they found Jim Batt, or rather Batt found them, and thus a collaboration of beauty, joy, and unbounded creativity was born. Fast forward a remarkable 2 yrs later, and they are finalists for the Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films at the Sydney Film Festival in 2013, nominated for Best Animation and Best Director.

Stop-Motion Music Video for Shugo Tokumaru by Kijek / Adamski

Stop-Motion Music Video for Shugo Tokumaru by Kijek / Adamski

This one definitely needs to be put in full-screen mode! Check the lastest stop motion video from animation duo Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski for Japanese singer-songwriter Shugo Tokumaru. This music video was launched Pitchfork and features an amazing, continuous parade of what must be thousands of cut paper and foam core silhouettes set to Tokumaru’s quirky track Katachi.

Matt Mendez: Square by Paper Donut

Matt Mendez: Square by Paper Donut It's been a while since we have written about Paper Donut and you may remember their piece for the Curious Story involving a paper crafted breakfast scene quite reminiscent of Zelda.

Since then, Alexis Facca has been quite busy with the redesigning of the site as well as some pretty cool new projects, one of which happens to be this space music video for French DJ/Composer Matt Mendez entitled Square. Taking the inspiration from the song, the cassette tape evolves throughout this spatial universe from Space to No Man's Land and onward to Crazy City all the while animating and changing colors along the way.

Josh Ritter’s Music Video Made From 12,000 Sheets of Paper

Josh Ritter's Music Video Made From 12000 Pieces of Paper “While the end result may have been crafted by humans, the project actually started out digitally as a computer animation before the storyboard was transformed into paper cutouts.” — The Creator’s Project Josh Ritter‘s new music video entitled “Love…

Paper Stop Motion Music Video for Amos Lee’s Flower by //kneeon

AMOS LEE - FLOWER 1 This beautiful stop motion music video for Amos Lee's Flower is made almost entirely out of white paper. Directed, animated and produced by //kneeon, a New York based production company founded in 2008 by directors Mike Healey and Kelly Goeller.

Cardboard Music Video Filles et Garçons: Un Dilemme

Panache Filles et Garçons: Un Dilemme

Dare to Care Records has produced a music video for the rock band Panache from Montreal. Their music video entitled "Filles et garçons: un dilemme", which translates into "Girls and Boys: A Dilemma", was directed and edited by David Valiquette with graphics and stop motion created by Alexandre Bazinet all handmade out of cardboard.

SHITDISCO – OK Pull Tab Paper Pop-Up Music Video


This pop-up book music video directed by Price James, a British Director residing in New York, for the song OK by Shitdisco. It's a mesh of puppetry, pop--up book and pull tabs. While the song is being played, the puppeteer moves the pull tabs back making the mouths go back and forth to sync with the song. Actually when you watch it, it's quite hilarious. Enjoy!

“All of me” by Chris Chameleon

All-of-me-Chris-Chameleon 01 "All of Me" is the first video from the prodigious South African talent, Chris Chameleon's latest album, Made Available. The video is a collaboration between Brighton based Shotopop and the nice people from WIZZ in Paris. Designed and directed by Shotopop and produced by WIZZdesign, the video features an array of paper sets, a mass of paper cut-outs, some careful hand held camera work, and some nifty 3D touches courtesy of the skilled hands at WIZZ. The result is a mix of mediums, minds and techniques all tied together to form an emotionally charged visual journey set to a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance.

Official Music Video for Shutdown by Ryan Dahle

Based out of Vancouver, CASTE is made up of Hanahlie Beise and Caleb Beyers. They have masterfully created the Official Music Video for "Shutdown" by Ryan Dahle from the album "Irrational Anthems". This video was shot entirely with a Canon 5D MkII, at East Van Studios in Vancouver, on a set that was handmade entirely out of paper! Watch the video below.