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Nordik Impakt’s Electro-Phosphorescent Paper Glasses

Nordik Impakt Electro-Phosphorescent Paper Glasses

If you remember Murmure's last project we feature Pochoirs, then you can recall the detail and innovative aspects brought to the making of a hole punched portrait. Murmure agency has now developed conceptual products surrounding an electronic music event called The Nordik Impakt Festival, where they utilized electro-phosphorescence and paper to make awesome glow-in-the-dark glasses.

Murmure: Pochoirs

Murmure is a communication design company based out of France. Their recent project entitled 'Pochoirs', directly translated to stencil, utilizes various sized circles in a hole punching technique to convey forms and faces that react to the background that they are placed over. The faces shown here pop of the page when placed against a normal white background, naturally piquing ones curiosity. The simplicity and abstractness of the forms elude to the conceptual relationship between space and body.