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New Mesmerizing Geometric Paper Sculptures from Matthew Shlian

New Mesmerizing Geometric Paper Sculptures from Matthew Shlian January 26 - March 2, 2017

Paper artist Matthew Shlian is well known for having a knack for paper engineering, producing precisely folded geometric works that are composed of mesmerizing tessellations. As stated in our interview with him, "I now work with scientists using paper engineering as a way to understand the flexible nature of micro-structures. A symbiotic relationship has developed between my collaboration with researchers and my artistic practice."

Shlian’s solo exhibition TELEMETRY, which explores the intersection between science and art has been on display for the past month at Florida Gulf Coast University and runs through March 2, 2017. You can see more of his intricately folded work on his Instagram and Facebook.

New Intricate Curled Paper Tapestries by Gunjan Aylawadi

New Intricate Curled Paper Tapestries by Gunjan Aylawadi - Blossom

Continuing the expansion of her craft by trying to stretch paper’s limits, Gunjan Aylawadi's curled paper weavings have become more 3d and sculptural in comparison to her past works, which were comprised of flat and ornate mosaic tapestries. Her craft involves hand cutting thousands of strips of paper which are then rolled around a thin wire to make paper strings. The strings are then glued on top of each other to create these beautiful layered textile pieces. Her inspiration for this series, entitled Blissful Mountain and Blossom, is derived from the flow and serenity of Japanese Zen Gardens. These two pieces will be featured in Long View Gallery’s newest exhibition, PAPER - Works on Paper and Works on Paper Exhibition, which will run from October 27 - November 27. The opening reception will be held tomorrow from 6:30pm - 8pm.

60 Astounding Examples of Paper Art Over Six Years, Happy Birthday Strictlypaper!

60 Astounding Examples of Paper Art Over Six Years Happy Birthday Strictlypaper

In lieu of Strictlypaper's 6th birthday this year, we have chosen 60 astounding examples of the most loved paper art works from over the years. Since the beginning, that hot summer day long, long ago in 2010, the major focus of SP has always been to highlight the most creative use of paper, this spanning across a very wide array of fields and categories, with artist from all over the world. We have always strived to be a source of inspiration to push your work just one step further, as well as a hub for other paper artists and artists alike to learn about one another... because we all know there are SOOOOO many artists out there! With that said, please enjoy this selection of paper sculptures, origami, animations, paper fashion, installations, collages and more. Share to the masses, because in the end, we couldn't have done it without you. So THANK YOU and here's to the future!!!!

Paper Envelopes Made Into Geometric Quilts

Paper Envelopes Made Into Geometric Quilts 1

In an every day scenario of receiving mail, it can become fairly common to automatically discard an envelope, and in most cases only seek to review the contents within. For Stephen Sollins this, however, would not be the case. He has taken paper envelopes that would otherwise be stacked high at trash sites and has instead recycled and transformed them into lovely traditional quilts that use geometric forms as patterns.

Curled Paper Mosaics by Gunjan Aylawadi

Gunjan Aylawadi Tikrar

Gunjan Aylawadi is a uniquely astounding paper artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her technique, which is influenced by her cultural identity and the Middle Eastern architectural motif, employs the act of "curling" strips of paper to form these incredible, highly detailed illustrative pieces. Similar to quilling, curling appears to be one long strip of paper literally curled to a specific tightness and then placed to form these large textiles. Each work requires deep commitment, both physically and emotionally, and can take Gunjan up to several months to complete.

Interview With Paper Engineer Matt Shlian

Interview With Paper Engineer Matt Shlian
"As a paper engineer, Matt Shlian's work is rooted in print media, book arts, and commercial design, though he frequently finds himself collaborating with a cadre of scientists and researchers who are just now recognizing the practical connections between paper folding and folding at microscopic and nanoscopic scales." -- Ghostly International

Colorful Origami Mosaics by Kota Hiratsuka

Colorful Origami Mosaics by Kota Hiratsuka

Kota Hiratsuka is a Japanese paper engineer that has been exploring origami by manipulating paper into these beautiful geometrical formed mosaics. He also has them for sale on his site Origami Mosaics, be sure to check them out!

Folded by Eva Black

Eva Black Folded

Eva Black is a freelance graphic designer hailing from Southern California who, through the exploration of paper, began this piece entitled "Folded". She started collecting various found paper, through paper that was given to her, paper collected over time, paper from old artworks, paper bags, or paper she bought from old bookstores. The piece in its entirety has about 3,500 triangles and is about 12 x 13'.