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Upcycled Cardboard Strip Animal Sculptures

Laurence Valliéres Upcycled Cardboard Strip Animal Sculptures - Minnie Mouse

Montreal-based artist Laurence Vallières creates these animal sculptures using layered cardboard cutouts taken from found boxes. Her use of upcycling found materials into art incorporates more meaning, carefully incorporating the symbolism of various animal imagery so that they represent different political issues and social behavior. Vallières has created a series of sculptures and heads of well known figures such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy. These works are hung on walls or sometimes as freestanding statues. I had the pleasure of finally capturing her work in Miami at Context Art Fair and I have to say I was pretty wowed and had the urge to want to reach out and touch them. By utilizing cardboard, a material that she finds in abundance in the street, she can create large works on the spot in any part of the world she goes.

Cardboard Music Video Filles et Garçons: Un Dilemme

Panache Filles et Garçons: Un Dilemme

Dare to Care Records has produced a music video for the rock band Panache from Montreal. Their music video entitled "Filles et garçons: un dilemme", which translates into "Girls and Boys: A Dilemma", was directed and edited by David Valiquette with graphics and stop motion created by Alexandre Bazinet all handmade out of cardboard.

Euphoria v.2 A Paper Installation by Vanessa Alarie


From a recently ended exhibition in Montreal, Canada comes Euphoria v.2, a paper cut installation by Vanessa Alarie that measures 183 x 488 x 366 cm. Her work is very reminiscent of the PENUMBRA Cloudscapes exhibition by Mia Pearlman that I previously blogged.