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Artist Creates Delicate and Ethereal Paper Fairy Lighthouses

Delicate and Ethereal Paper Fairy Lighthouses by Joanna Karaseva

Russian designer Joanna Karaseva designs these wonderfully charming miniaturized paper houses, lighthouses in particular, that feel as if they are plucked from the secret world of fairies. At first glance you may think that these houses are made using the Papier-mâché technique, however she uses a special, and secret, technique specific to this type of modeling. Each fairy house is carefully handcrafted with the use of only French Canson paper, PVA glue, LEDs, batteries and wires. The rigidity and strength of the paper architecture is achieved from a unique technology of combining ribs and textures. The act of bending and folding the curvature into the paper allows for deeper texturing and a relief effect. The individual elements, such as windows and lanterns are made of colored transparent tracing paper. Even finer details placed in the paper cobblestones and mosaic tiled footpath are absolutely breathtaking.

Artist Creates Delicate and Ethereal Paper Fairy Lighthouses seen first on on Strictlypaper

Cardboard Dioramas of Laptops Depicting Human Relationships with Technology

Cardboard Dioramas of Laptops Depicting Human Relationships with Technology

Kevin LCK has shown focus on the almost absurd relationship developed between humans and technology, as demonstrated in the past. This particular set of dioramas focuses primarily on laptops, which are commonly in everyday use by most individuals. The crafting of these illustrative laptop dioramas as retail store interiors, amplifies the idea of online shopping being prevalent. Their appearance in general to be everyday electronic appliances and devices that can be found in our domestic environment, however, their interiors are modified into this miniaturized human scaled space, all crafted in cardboard. He sought to detach the audience from reality temporarily, and provide a space to rethink and reevaluate the way we behave and perceive the relationship between ourselves, objects and the environment of technology in a more conscious way.

Miniature Animated Metropolis Made of Paper by Charles Young

Miniature Animated Metropolis Made of Paper by Charles Young - T-Rex

With the use of watercolor paper, PVA glue and a lot of patience, Edinburgh artist Charles Young has built this meticulously handcrafted metropolis he calls 'Paperholm'. Over the past two years, Young has dedicated what I can only imagine to be countless hours to creating more than 600 handmade miniature architectural structures, including urban monuments, vehicles, residences and rollercoasters, each forming an integral part of the final cityscape.

Paper Plane Social Campaign for Singapore Airlines

Paper Plane Social Campaign for Singapore Airlines

You may remember the incredible 1:60 scale reproduction of a Boeing 777 completely made of manila folders, which blew us all away! Well it seems like Luca Iaconi-Stewart, along with advertising agency Dentsu Möbius, has created yet another astounding replica of a paper plane for Singapore Airlines. This campaign was developed to demonstrate the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that Singapore Airlines brings to their airliners, through the making of a highly detailed aircraft model made entirely of recycled manila folders. Be sure to watch the video below!

Miniature Crosshatched Paper Dioramas by Matthew Pleva


New York based artist Matthew Pleva has a talent for finely detailed crosshatched drawings as well as a knack for dioramas, which I first discovered on his Instagram. In this series there are a range of layered sketched works in found objects and containers that all miniature. He sources these containers to be used and from there the development of what is to be "placed inside" begins. Through the development of his crosshatched sketch work, he then breaks down the drawing into smaller pieces, rendering each layer as well as their elements, some of which aren't visible in the final composition, and assembling to create these interesting scenes.

Wonderfully Vibrant Miniature Paper House Series by Cameron Garland


Seattle-based cut-paper artist and illustrator Cameron Garland's portfolio has a wide array of vibrant paper cut illustrations that leave you in shock and awe of his talents, especially since a lot of his works are at a super small scale. That's right, itty bitty, super tiny paper craft works. In this particular series, the focus is on some of his latest miniature paper sculptures, a themed paper house series.

Miniature Paper Worlds by Jim Doran

Miniature Paper Worlds of Jim Doran

Jim Doran is a self-taught artist based out of Baltimore, Maryland that creates miniature paper worlds in his spare time. He makes these insanely tiny dioramas from recycled containers from small Altoids to sardine canisters complete with little inked paper drawings, which are then cut out and layered into what you see here.

Nano Origami Sculptures by Anja Markiewicz

Nano Origami Sculptures by Anja Markiewicz

Origami dates back to the 17th centry and has been admired for its beauty as well as its discipline in mastery. Fast forward to today and you can see all different types of ways that origami is being produced, whether through computer generated help or from the traditional basics of where it all began. Anja Markiewicz has gone above and beyond to create these delicate and yet incredibly complex origami pieces that are the smallest I have ever seen. They can range from 38mm to even a smaller size of 8mm. Incredible!

Coney Island Paper Sculpture by Yumiko Matsui

If you have been to New York then I'm hoping that you have been to Coney Island, and if not then you should head on over and at least ride the infamous Cyclone. Be warned, if your not game for some whiplash and laughs then I wouldn't assume your ready for it!

However if you don't happen to make it to New York anytime soon, you can at least see the miniature version of Coney Island by Yumiko Matsui, a talented paper artist from Osaka, Japan. As you can see this WOW piece speaks for itself in terms of description. Thankfully Yumiko has provided plenty of pictures so you can see the magnificence for yourself. Enjoy!