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10 Wonderfully Crafted Paper Skulls Just in Time for Halloween

10 Wonderfully Crafted Paper Skulls Just in Time for Halloween - Wintercroft

As we ride through this wonderful Halloween weekend filled with costumes, ghosts, witches and beyond amazing makeup, I have decided to share with you a creative round up of some pretty incredible paper skulls seen throughout the years as well as on Instagram. These skulls are all truly unique in their own ways, whether carved out of a book, made of money, or printed for your own personalized wear, like the one above by Steve Wintercroft. So sit back and enjoy this selection of 10 wonderfully crafted paper skulls just in time for Halloween!

Zoofolds Papercraft Masks by India Aspin


Zoofolds are made in the UK from 100% recycled cardboard, finished with bio-degradable laminate, they are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable but indissoluble plastics by India Aspin.

Unique Bespoke Headdresses by Benja Harney

Unique Bespoke Headdresses for Hermès Germany by Benja Harney

Benja Harney has created three unique bespoke headdresses for their 2014 Hermès Germany summer party celebrating the theme ‘Métamorphose’. Each papercraft headdresses is unique in its construction, folding and interlocking. What makes each of these gorgeous costume constructs absolutely special is their construction, which requires no use of glue! The headdresses include a helmet fit for Neptune which has sea creatures throughout in orange and also in the shape of a seashell, Diana's dark garland is adorned with deer horns and objects like stars and the moon from the galaxy, and lastly Zeus’ glistening crown has a beak and is covered in thunderbolts, clouds and a column with wings. The guests of the black tie gala evening, held in Munich in a wonderful old chateau, were presented with the selection of different headdresses to wear upon arrival, sounds like a party I would love to attend!

BANGERS by StudioSpass


StudioSpass is a visual communication office located in the heart of Rotterdam/NL run by Jaron Korvinus & Daan Mens. They were commissioned to do a photography series and printwork for Bangers, a monthly Boemklatsch club night at cultural stage EKKO, Utrecht. For each edition StudioSpass handcrafted an ‘explosive’ mask made of cardboard along with a setting.

Chef’s Masks by Zim and Zou

Chef's Masks by Zim and Zou

Zim and Zou have been peppered throughout the site with their numerous projects that are all innovative, unique and extremely colorful. These projects range from a paper tape cover for your usb to a bright blue burger on the cover of a magazine.

Origami Tessellated Masks by Joel Cooper

Origami Tessellations by Joel Cooper

Reared by origami tradition, paper artist Joel Cooper creates these elaborately detailed tessellated masks out of a single sheet of paper! These masks are dyed, stained and then treated with polyurethane, acrylic or shellac to make them more durable. Joel folds all of these masks himself, they are one-of-a-kind and some can be purchased on Etsy.

Linus Hui: Masque of the Animals

Linus Hui Masque of the Animals Peacock
"I make stuff out of paper and take funny photos. If I don't take funny photos, I take broody photos. I don't like my paper cut-out objects being called Origami. They are not. Instead of taking pictures in the real world, I like to bring my real world into the real world with verses and costumes." -- Linus Hui