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Lunar Cycles: Thousands of Colorful Origami Birds in Paris’ Largest Urban Mural


French street artist Mademoiselle Maurice latest work, Lunar Cycles, is a large-scale installation comprising of 15,000 colorful origami birds in Paris’ 13th arrondissement. Created in collaboration with Mathgoth Gallery, the celestial-inspired artwork spans an area of over 2,000 square meters and is the biggest urban mural ever created in the French capital.

Mademoiselle Maurice: Colorful Origami Street Art

Mademoiselle Maurice Origami Street Art

Mademoiselle Maurice is an artist based out of France whose work is reflected through that of lace, photography, painting, embroidery and origami, shown here. She creates her pieces at first sight with a deep sensitivity and connection to the events encountered in her daily life.

"Rainbow" is the latest installation of Mademoiselle Maurice, which covers the streets of Paris with bursts of color. The rainbow consists of thousands of colorful origami paper that is folded, then glued to portray these lovely sculptural prismic shapes. This makes me want something like this in my room! Be sure to check out the beautiful video below.