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Lumio: The Folding Book Lamp

Lumio The Folding Book Lamp

I was wondering around New York City yesterday and walked pass the MoMA Design Store on Spring Street and decided to drop in since it has been a while. Of course the first item I see when I walk in is this beautiful lamp that is shaped like a book with its pages in an accordion-like fashion. Lo and behold, I was staring at a new edition to the store, Lumio, The Book Lamp. Be sure to check out the video below to see all the different ways you can use your Lumio.

HiiH Lights – Handmade Paper Lights

HiiH Lights HiiH Lights (pronounced "Hi Hi") is two artists, Lâm Quảng and Kestrel Gates, who work together creating handmade paper lights and raising a family in Portland, OR. They collaborate as both artists and parents and discuss how all aspects of their lives are connected. Director Tristan Stoch recently finished an inspiring short video portrait of HiiH Lights that you shouldn't miss watching.

Papela: Paper Lamp by Meirav Barzilay

Meirav Barzilay - Papela - Paper Lamp 6 Tel Aviv based product designer, Meirav Barzilay has created an innovative Lamp called Papela. Made of paper-like Tyvek material Papela is a playful lamp that you can crumple, squash and reshape as you like. Papela is delivered as a paper ball, which by a simple set of actions transforms into a unique wrinkled lampshade. Its minimalist structure is created by thread stitches only, hand sewn out of a colored paper sheet. Papela is available in two different designs.