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Pop Up Card for the London Design Museum

Kyle Bean - New Design Museum London - Pop Up - 1 The Design Museum in London commissioned artist and designer Kyle Bean to design a pop-up card of the former Commonwealth Institute, home of the new Design Museum due to open in 2014. The handmade card will be available from the Design Museum Shop later in this year, here is the prototype in action.

Russian Doll Styled Mobile Evolution by Kyle Bean

mobile evolution - kyle bean
"Miniaturisation in the style of a Russian Doll"—Kyle Beans way of illustrating how mobile technology has evolved.

Female Cut Event by The Makerie

Female Cut Event by The Makerie

The Makerie, duo of paper enthusiasts -- Joyanne Horscroft and Julie Wilkinson -- who have assisted paper artists such as Zoe Bradley, Kyle Bean and Su Blackwell in studios based out of London and Milan which specialize in the design of bespoke paper sculptures using rare and fine papers from around the world.

Wallpaper* Awards Issue 2011 Cover by Kyle Bean

wallpaper* award issue 2011 cover - kyle bean Kyle Bean designed and constructed a series of trophies for the prestigious annual Wallpaper* Design Awards and provided the cover image for the magazine. Kyle’s trophies represent each of the 11 award categories and were made using humble materials of card, paper, scissors and glue. Minimalistic, simple and beautiful.

Paper Plane by Kyle Bean

paper plane - kyle bean
"The innocuous, ubiquitous fun of a kid's paper airplane contrasts with a menacing but ultimately fragile fighter jet, painstakingly made in the same material." - Blinkart about Kyle Bean's Paper Plane.

Kyle Bean: Diesel London Christmas Windows

Kyle Bean, who specializes in prop styling as well as handcrafted model designing, has recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Wonderland Magazine and Diesel to design and art direct their Christmas displays for their new flagship store in London.