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Flat-pack Lumber Table is Made Entirely From Cardboard

Flat-pack Lumber Table is Made Entirely From Cardboard

Seoul-based studio PESI has designed a side table using planks of cardboard that have the appearance of wood. ‘PESI’, which stands for Possibility, Essential, Standpoint, Interpretation, is a design studio founded by two designers (Byounghwi Jeon, Seungjoon Song). Their creations are based on our motto: "Find new possibility by reinterpreting an object from our point of view without losing its essentials." With that, they have created the Lumber table to explore the potential of cardboard as a material for short-use furniture. The table is designed to be easily assembled and, once no longer needed, disposed of. At the same time, the designers wanted the table's aesthetic to be different from other cardboard furniture, which they said was usually folded or laminated.

Nostalgia-Inducing Classic Cameras Precisely Folded From Paper

Nostalgia-Inducing Classic Cameras Precisely Folded From Paper
TROPEN ADORO — year: 1927; manufacturer: zeiss ikon germany; lens: dominar anastigmat f4.5/135mm

These intricately-crafted paper sculptures, by Seoul-based artist Lee Jihee, represent a colorful series of vintage cameras portrayed in a contemporary fashion. From a 1952 leica IIIf red dial, and its enormous paper flash attachment, to a 1927 Tropen Adoro, and its accordion-like form, Lee Jihee carefully handcrafts vibrant paper pieces and assembles them into life-sized vintage photo machines.

Artist Transforms Well-Known Products Into Origami Miniatures

Artist Creates Well-Known Products as Minimal Origami Miniatures - Adidas Shoes

One thing I love, origami! I mean, we have all seen what you can do with origami, from complex tessellations to the traditional paper crane. If you love origami too, then you will love these miniature origami sculptures by Origami Minimal, an artist based in Korea. Her collection of origami is a bit different however, they are unique miniature paper sculptures that have been carefully folded into branded items that we all know and love. For instance the classic pair of Adidas on a mini shoebox shown above, or a Polaroid camera after it has just taken a snap, and even a mini Vespa, and so much more!

Artist Transforms Well-Known Products Into Origami Miniatures seen first on on Strictlypaper

Artist Hand-Carves Complex Photorealistic Portraits Out of Paper

Artist Hand-Carves Complex Photorealistic Portraits Out of Paper - Marilyn Monroe

Using only an X-acto knife and tweezer, Korean artist Yoo Hyun hand carves intricate cut paper portraits featuring some of the worlds most popular icons. Up close each portrait appears abstract, but from afar you can see his immense attention to detail in these photo-realistic depictions of his subjects. By incorporating a zig-zag pattern into his illustrations, each line is specially cut to build a three dimensional-looking form. This collection features Michael Jackson, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jordon, Kate Moss, Beyoncé and Frida Kahlo.

Otherworldly Folded and Cut Fractal Watercolor Portraits

Otherworldly Folded and Cut Fractal Watercolor Portraits by Timothy Hyunsoo Lee

Timothy Hyunsoo Lee is a Korean-American artist based in Brooklyn, whose inspiration is drawn from themes of psychological disorders, spirituality and religion. His sculptural installations mix several artistic techniques like realistic watercolor paintings, as well as the use of folding and cutting paper, similar to Christine Kim's work. This set of otherworldly portraits, whether suspended in mid air or folded and lain upon the floor, give a displaced feeling of movement through alternate dimensions, grasping at different parts of reality.

Monumental Nature Inspired Sculptural Reliefs from One Ton of Recycled Paper


Jae Ko was born in Korea and has worked in fiber for nearly two decades, transforming ordinary materials like paper into extraordinary sculptural objects. Her work ranges from discrete wall reliefs and small sculptures to monumental installations that evoke topography and movement. Inspired by visits to Newfoundland and the far northwestern reaches of the United States, Ko reconstructs the melting Tundra, with its floating, fractured glaciers. The room-sized monumental sculptural relief is constructed from nearly one ton of recycled paper that has been re-spooled and shaped to fit the architecture of CAMH’s Zilkha Gallery.

Ethereal Nature Inspired Paper Cut Illustrations by Kyong Ae Kim


San Fransisco based Korean artist Kyong Ae Kim, intrigued by the symbiotic relationships of ecology and the fragile vulnerability of living creatures in their surroundings, has created these series "The Skulls" and "Wildwood", where her process involves recreating skulls and trees as paper cut illustrations, creating forest-like images which she hopes will illuminate our responsibility to protect nature and seek coexistence.