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Top 20 Amazing Examples of Paper Quilling

Top 20 Amazing Examples of Paper Quilling

There are many beautiful artworks made of paper that we have seen throughout this site and many others, whether monumental sculptures or unique carvings out of books. However, there is one technique I feel hasn't gotten as much love it deserves, the art of paper quilling. There are so many talented artists out there and I feel that it is absolutely necessary to share them with you all, even if this is just the beginning. The featured artists share a common goal in breaking the boundaries of traditional quilling, leaving the viewer mesmerized, with circling questions of "how did they do that?!" and "Wow, that's incredible!" I hope you enjoy this selection!

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Beautiful Quilled Snowflake Ornaments and Poinsettia by Judith and Rolfe

Beautiful Quilled Snowflakes and Poinsettia by Judith and Rolfe

It's Christmas Eve and like me, you may still have some Christmas shopping to do....whoopsie! So I'm asking if you have a precious moment to spare, and I'm almost certain you do, you have to look at these truly inspiring and beautiful quilled contemporary pieces comprised of snowflake ornaments and a poinsettia, that's right... just one, from the creative duo from Saint Paul, Minnesota, Judith and Rolfe. I'm in love with their work because it showcases examples of taking the art of quilling to the next level. The snowflake designs are minimal, only outlining the edges to make the perfect dangling ornament. The poinsettias on the other hand are more complex, and have a similar feel to the more recent works of Yulia Brodskaya, utilizing a more dense and almost stroked coloring with each strip like painting the actual strokes in the paper sculpture. The husband and wife duo are both designers/architects by craft, which clearly brings to light that they both share a special talent and also patience I'm sure, in mastering a fine art such as this is... it's truly breathtaking. I would love to take it up one day myself just to give it a try.

Beautiful Quilled Snowflake Ornaments and a Poinsettia by Judith and Rolfe seen first on on Strictlypaper