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Cybèle Young Creates Beautiful Miniature Worlds Out Of Fine Paper

Cybèle Young Creates Beautiful Minature Worlds Out Of Fine Paper

Cybèle Young is a renowned artist and author based in Toronto that creates miniature worlds made of fine Japanese paper. Working with diverse mediums, Young’s installations engage with abstract and familiar motifs and have a sculptural quality to them, where ordinary objects are given new dimensions and breath of life which makes them just as beautiful as they are delicate. A perfect example is the umbrella above transforming into a jellyfish, where both have a very similar range of motion. Young is able to juxtapose sculptures to create a sense of dialogue or play between them, making her pieces truly unique. Her artistic manifesto is to create ‘miniature theaters’, where viewers can immerse themselves into alternate, surreal worlds, all the while discovering the under-layers of everyday life. Young's intricate sculptural artworks are inspired by seemingly insignificant day-to-day experiences, where objects imply familiar human interactions and small observations become fantastic.

Thousands of Paper Strips Delicately Placed to Create Stunning Portraits

Thousands of Paper Strips Delicately Placed to Create Stunning Portraits by Nathalie Boutté - Plenty Buffalo

French artist Nathalie Boutté is self-taught collage artist who creates absolutely stunning portraits, seen previously, comprised of thousands of meticulously placed strips of Japanese paper. She cuts long narrow strips of translucent paper that she patiently assembles, one by one creating a feathered effect which constantly evolves. These strips of paper are sometimes burned, like in the collage featured above or covered in letters to form the striking details in the features of her subjects.

Tissue Paper Stop Motion Animation for Nepia

Tissue Paper Stop Motion Animation by Yuki Ariga

Advertisements featuring tissues along the lines of their otherwise commonly known everyday uses are a thing of the past, especially if you see this stop-motion piece by Yuki Ariga created for Japanese paper manufacturer, Nepia. These tissue paper animals are brought to life, where each seem seamlessly introduced into the next giving a magician's flare with each flick of the wrist. Below be sure to check out the making of video.