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Paper Cities Enclosed in Glass by Ayumi Shibata

Paper Cities Enclosed in Glass by Ayumi Shibata January 19th - March 25th, 2017

Japanese artist Ayumi Shibata uses traditional methods of Japanese paper cutting to create miniature cities inside of glass vessels. Her chosen materials reference the delicate relationship humans have with our environment and natural forces of our world, while also relating to the Japanese translation of “paper.” In Japanese, the word for “paper” is “Kami,” which can also mean “god,” “divinity,” or “spirit.” Kami are omnipresent in the Shinto religion, and reside in the sky, ground, trees, and rocks.

Using this charged material, Shibata attempts to construct a sculptural dialogue about how we relate and respond to our natural world. Some of Shibata’s work is included in the three-person exhibition Passion Paper at Galerie Atalier Du Genie in Paris through March 25, 2017.

Realistic Paper Sculptures That Play With Scale by Mikako Azakami

Realistic Paper Sculptures That Play With Scale by Mikako Azakami - Jumbo Camera

Tokyo based artist Makiko Azakami began her paper making career while working as a 3D modeler for Sony Creative Products, where her interests led to the Sogetsu School of flower arrangement where she further studied under hat designer Akio Hirata. An impulsive urge to create a sculpture of Godzilla led to a more serious interest in the arts, culminating in her first exhibition in Tokyo in 1985. The works in the exhibition were displayed as photographs, and the “cute” reception that the diminutive subjects received bothered Azakami. Many years later, when visiting an exhibition of Australian sculptor Ron Mueck, Azakami was impressed by his approach to subjects and their scale. Taken by the character and charm created by the simple combination of scale and material, Azakami tried her hand at recreating an assortment of objects. Taking everyday objects, such as cameras, typewriters or even a calculator, and recreating them in a variety of scales by shrinking them down, making them into paper toys or blowing them up beyond their usual dimensions, each crafted out of paper.

Misunderstanding Focus: Stacked Cut Paper Collages from Photographs by Nerhol

Misunderstanding Focus: Stacked Cut Paper Collages from Photographs by Nerhol

In the original series captured by the collaborative team Nerhol, we were only able to see a glimpse of some of the 27 portraits that created over a span of a 3 minute time lapse of immobility. Here is a more extended version capturing the movement of each collaged portrait through the topographical layering and carving of the many photographs taken during this short interval. The stacking of each image after they have been cut, generates an effect where the image appears to be distorted and blurred. The resulting portrait series is a tribute to mortality rather than vanity - a gentle reminder that our bodies keep changing every second of every day!

Nendo’s Un-Printed Material Exhibition Pays Tribute to Paper Without Using It

Nendo's Un-Printed Material Exhibition Pays Tribute to Paper Without Using It

For Creation Gallery G8 — a gallery dedicated mostly to graphic design — Japanese design Studio Nendo is exhibiting ‘Un-Printed Material’, a show paying tribute to paper without using it. For a space that exhibits the work of people who use paper as a medium, this proposal follows Oki Sato’s idea of having a ‘poster exhibition without posters’. These abstract versions of paper reduce it to the minimal form of only an outline. What's unique about these pieces, is that they have been both 3D-printed and molded by hand to better achieve the life-like quality of paper itself.

Colorful Magazine Paper Collages by Mayuko Fujino

Colorful Magazine Paper Collages by Mayuko Fujino

In commemoration of Strictlypaper's 6th birthday today. I present to you one of the first few artists we featured on Strictlypaper, Mayuko Fujino, a talented self taught papercut artist from Japan currently based in New York City, specializing in mixed media collage. Her debut on SP, Arikui Abduction, showcased this colorful style of magazine paper collages and she has since been creating these vibrantly stylized works.

Delicate Paper Flowers Inspired by Pencil Shavings by Haruka Misawa


These colorful and delicate paper flowers by Japanese designer Haruka Misawa were inspired by the winding spirals of pencil shavings. They are created using layers and layers of paper with color gradations, tightly rolled into cylindrical scrolls, which are then shaved using a pencil sharpener. The ever shifting forms are only about 15mm-40mm in diameter, but a closer look reveals the thinly sliced, multi-layered paper. They can be displayed on your desk or as a wall decoration and you can create different variations depending on how thick it's sharpened.

Shadow of Light Installation by Hiroko Matsushita

Shadow of Light by Hiroko Matsushita

Hiroko Matsushita is a talented visual artist and illustrator from Tokyo, Japan whose focus is predominantly with paper. Her practice explores the boundaries between 2D and 3D, crossing several realms such as craft, illustration and art. Since 2009 she has been fascinated by the malleable nature of paper such as folding, cut outs and layering in terms of transformation of flat sheets of paper into figures. Lately, her interests have been extending to light and shadow and see through paper cut, as you can see in this installation Shadow of Light. Be sure to check out the video below!

Tissue Paper Stop Motion Animation for Nepia

Tissue Paper Stop Motion Animation by Yuki Ariga

Advertisements featuring tissues along the lines of their otherwise commonly known everyday uses are a thing of the past, especially if you see this stop-motion piece by Yuki Ariga created for Japanese paper manufacturer, Nepia. These tissue paper animals are brought to life, where each seem seamlessly introduced into the next giving a magician's flare with each flick of the wrist. Below be sure to check out the making of video.

Colorful Origami Mosaics by Kota Hiratsuka

Colorful Origami Mosaics by Kota Hiratsuka

Kota Hiratsuka is a Japanese paper engineer that has been exploring origami by manipulating paper into these beautiful geometrical formed mosaics. He also has them for sale on his site Origami Mosaics, be sure to check them out!

3D Origami by Jun Mitani

3D Origami by Jun Mitani

Jun Mitani is a professor of computer science at the University of Tsukuba who has an incredible knack for paper folding. With the help of algorithms and computer software that he’s developed, he is able to create these 3D origami pieces. Check out the many different folds and shapes he has come up with below.