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Pattern Matters: January 2012

Pattern Matters January 2012

You have seen the 3D infographic posters from Pattern Matters a while back and we will now be releasing their 2012 calendars for each month throughout the year which are all fully functioning in the sense that well... they all move and below you can see how it was made.

Fuckopalypse by People Too

Fuckopalypse by People Too

Many may think 2012 is the year of the apocalypse according to the Mayan Calendar. Art Lebedev Studio, designer of the prototype Flashkus, has collaborated with several illustrators and is in the process of designing a calendar entitled "Fuckopalypse" which each month shows a different way that it could all come tumbling down.

One of the collaborating illustrators is the Russian design duo People Too, which have made an incredibly detailed paper depiction of plant life taking over and causing large amounts of chaos at precisely 12:12. Their attention to detail makes for remarkable scenarios like the new years scene that they did. Below you can see their process and more close up details and see more of their work at peopletoo.ru.