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Interview with Domitilla Biondi, Carved Paper Poetry Artist

Interview with Domitilla Biondi, Carved Paper Poetry Artist - Nothing Matters

Having a passion for the refined detailing of paper carving, Italian artist Domitilla Biondi creates these delicate and uniquely beautiful pieces inspired by the serenity and spiritual awareness she has come to know over the past year. They each possess their own story, their poetic tale carved into ivory paper, only leaving reliefs of the shadows cast by the lights interaction from where blade once was. Without further adieu, please enjoy this lovely look into the background of Domitilla Biondi.

Quirky Paper Portraits by Set Designer Adriana Napolitano

Quirky Paper Portraits by Adriana Napolitano - August

Italian designer and photographer Adriana Napolitano's love for paper is immense and shines through with her incredible set designs completely made of paper. These paper portraits all have various themes, some featuring Adriana herself in several calendar settings, such as the giant wave pictured above, to a gentleman in the full blue luchador costume, to her and her good friend Linus as twinsies!

All in all each character that is portrayed, whether her or her subjects, are ultimately covered in or representing paper in some way. My particular fave happens to be the chef attempting to tame his dinner, hehe. The amount of work that she places into creating each of these paper scenarios alone may seem a bit daunting to some, but Napolitano shows loving effort by building all of the costumes, props and sets for her paper portraits and self-portraits herself. She clearly takes pride in this infinitely malleable medium that we all know and love, paper!

Lavazza – Favola A Modo Mio

Lavazza - Favola A Modo Mio

"One day in the White Paper city, early morning people wake up and begin to live their lifes. There's something new in the main square, something growing..." -- Dadomani Studio

TYPOGRAFLY: Typographic Origami by Happycentro

Happycentro Typographic Origami

Happycentro is a collaborative design studio based out of Verona, Italy that was one of the 30 artists invited to interpret the alphabet in their own unique way to be showcased at the Gallery Nucleus exhibition for handwritten and experimental typography. Happycentro is a studio of all trades, with their specialties ranging from visual art, typography, graphic design, illustration, animation, film direction and even music. Most of their work is comprised of computer-driven pieces, but they have been delving into more hands on projects. This particular piece is a perfect example of the merging of the two skill sets, where they have a double play on words "typography" and "fly", where the typographic origami pieces are shown as a specimens in a case.

Yulia Brodskaya: Christmas in Wonderland

I must showcase the latest piece from Yulia Brodskaya, an incredibly talented Russian illustrator who we may widely know her for her innovative paper illustrations and who continues to create beautifully detailed paper designs for clients all around the world. She has recently been commissioned to create the main visual for the 2010 Christmas campaign based around the headline 'Christmas in Wonderland'. This work being one of the many amazingly refined quilled projects she has done.

Sten and Lex: Poster Stencils

Sten and Lex are based out of Italy and they create some pretty intense work producing what they call 'Poster Stencils' since they are both stencil and poster at the same time. These large format posters have such a heavily detailed process I decided to showcase their video so you can see for yourself.