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3D Letter Sculptures for the Silk Road Film Festival Crafted From Paper

3D Letters for Silk Road Film Festival Crafted From Paper - SRFF

Dublin based artist Julianna Szabo is the creator of intricately detailed, hand-cut paper sets and illustrations. Her tactile worlds are often three dimensional and sometimes even brought to life with the use of stop motion animation, drawing you in with several visual metaphors. This typographic series was a commission for the annual Silk Road Film Festival, where she was asked to create a poster that represented the event. Her inspiration was drawn from the ancient silk road itself, making the 3D hand crafted, paper letters a representation of the journey along that road.

The S, in the form of a mountain, represents China and is wrapped with a winding dragon, the R representing India, is stacked with a tall latticed building atop an elephant, the F for the Arabic world, features beautiful golden mosque domes and a camel in the desert, and lastly, the F for Europe, features well known landmarks, like Greek columns, the Roman Amphitheater and the waterways of Venice. Be sure to watch the making of to get a more in depth look into how it all came together. Each letter is so ornately detailed and fashioned with the monuments and architectural structures from these regions, I can only imagine the amount of hours it must have taken to accomplish such a wonderful masterpiece.

Polygonal Skateboarding Paper Craft Pets from PaperPetShop

Skateboarding Paper Craft Pets from PaperPetShop

With a background in engineering, design and invention, Ireland based papercraft pet maker Brian McSwiney is sure having a whole lot of fun bringing to life the unlikely pairing of a poodle and penguin having a good ol' time riding around on their skateboards! He is the mastermind behind PaperPetShop, a shop dedicated to making templates of all of your fave animals in one place. These recyclable polygonal paper toys roughly consists of 200 polygons, making the challenge each user takes from two dimensional to three dimensional an enjoyable paper crafting journey.