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Woojai Lee Transforms Recycled Paper into Brick-Like Furniture

Woojai Lee Transforms Recycled Paper into Brick-Like Furniture - PaperBricks

WooJai Lee is a Korean-New Zealander designer based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, who explores how to recycle paper in more sustainable ways. Paper, as we all know, is one of the easiest items to recycle. However each time it is recycled, the natural fibers get shredded making them smaller and weaker, until eventually the fibers are just too weak to work together. WooJai aims to extend its usability through his concept entitled PaperBricks, which explores how we could use recycled paper as a durable material strong enough for us to build furniture, or in construction of elements within the home. ‘Paper Bricks’ are made from recycled newspapers. Sturdy and stackable like real bricks they combine a pleasing marbled look with the warmth and soft tactility of paper or wood.

Incredible Vintage Scenes Fashioned in Painted Cardboard by Dosshaus

Incredible Vintage Works Fashioned in Painted Cardboard by Dosshaus - Sunday Lunch

Dosshaus is the artistic collaboration of Zoey Taylor and David Connelly, multidisciplinary artists whose work ranges across the board with painting, sculpture, installation and performance to photography, film, and video. Wow, say that five times fast! They have an ongoing series entitled House of Cardboard, where they showcase reclaimed cardboard that has been transformed into vintage styled pieces that are either worn or used in these quirky scenes. Each object down to the sewn garments, dining table of paper food, or freestanding camera are all hand painted in black and white and also blueish tones and affixed with glue, giving each piece an old fashioned feel, as if plucked from a vintage animation.

DIY Paper Beetle Sculpture Kits by Assembli [Video]

DIY Paper Beetle Sculpture Kits by Assembli - Atlas Beetle Red

Assembli is a Netherlands-based studio started between printing company Lankhorst and designer Joop Bource, where they develop fun and contemporary interior design projects with a challenging twist. They have just released a colorful trio of DIY beetle models crafted from paper and cardboard, where all of the skeleton parts, wings and body parts interlock together to form this fun 3D puzzle kit. The flat-pack model kits are available in three different beetle species including stag, hercules, and atlas, each in a number of different metallic colors. The kits are currently available on Etsy. Be sure to watch the videos below to see their easy assembly.

Dome+: Lightweight Lamps Crafted from Paper and Cement

Dome +: A Lightweight Lamps Crafted from Paper and Cement by Rita Koralevis

Cool urban features and raw organic elements are brought together in the design of the Dome+ lamp through a play on textures and contrasting yet complementing materials. The lamps are designed by Paper Up! founder Rita Koralevics, an artist and designer who creates handmade paper objects using recycled materials. The Budapest-based designer has a passion for eco-friendly handcrafted products and modern design, and the Dome+ lamp exemplifies this perfectly. Shaped like a dome, the lamp is made from cement and paper, a combination that ensures it is both lightweight and tough. The heavily textured surface boasts a line pattern and is complemented by a smooth bamboo strap which can be used to tilt the concrete section to direct the light, making it a perfect fit to your own interior. A textile covered gray cord connects the concrete and wood elements, while metal bolts and nuts add an industrial accent to the design. Ultimately, Dome + is designed to add a creative accent to living spaces or commercial settings but it also offers a playful take on eco-friendly lighting. Photography by Ákos Sarkadi-Tóth.

Origami Bench by blackLAB Architects

Origami Bench by blackLAB Architects

The Origami Bench, designed by blackLAB architects inc., is clever seating that was created as part of a special exhibition at the 2014 Interior Design Show in Toronto. The design itself is fabricated from geometric-shaped panels of white laminate covered, baltic birch plywood that are connected with piano hinges. The origami inspired planes each fold together and lay firm against the tubular steel legs they rest upon, giving the look of folded paper. Check out more of our Notsostrictly posts inspired by paper.

Glowing Indoor Paper Forest by Oroproject

Glowing Indoor Paper Forest by Oroproject

London-based architecture studio Orproject has installed a forest of illuminated paper trees that sync together to form a continuous canopy at a gallery in New Delhi India. The installation, called Vana, which means forest in Sanskrit, is a series which embodies the basic forms of nature and features four trunk-like structures designed to mimic natural growth patterns. To achieve this, the team developed a series of algorithms that mimic the veins that are found in leaves.

Lumio: The Folding Book Lamp

Lumio The Folding Book Lamp

I was wondering around New York City yesterday and walked pass the MoMA Design Store on Spring Street and decided to drop in since it has been a while. Of course the first item I see when I walk in is this beautiful lamp that is shaped like a book with its pages in an accordion-like fashion. Lo and behold, I was staring at a new edition to the store, Lumio, The Book Lamp. Be sure to check out the video below to see all the different ways you can use your Lumio.

HiiH Lights – Handmade Paper Lights

HiiH Lights HiiH Lights (pronounced "Hi Hi") is two artists, Lâm Quảng and Kestrel Gates, who work together creating handmade paper lights and raising a family in Portland, OR. They collaborate as both artists and parents and discuss how all aspects of their lives are connected. Director Tristan Stoch recently finished an inspiring short video portrait of HiiH Lights that you shouldn't miss watching.

Black Paper 37 – Chair by Vadim Kibardin

kibardin design - black paper 37 Designer Vadim Kibardin created the low paper armchair "Black Paper 37" out of 37 paper layers and 20 details of gofer cardboard. The armchair is a result of experiments with various materials and exploration of the co-existence of, ‘Chaos and Sequence’.

Polygonal Paper Chair by Christian Fiebig

Polygonal Paper Chair by Christian Fiebig

Christian Fiebig is a german product designer that has created his reinterpretation of the chesterfield deep buttoned armchair by use of a computer program to reconstruct it entirely with polygonal faces. He then made this prototype come to life by rebuilding it with paper which helped him to realize it as a full scale model. He is currently still working on the development of the chair as a functional piece.