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Interview with Paper Artist Julianna Szabo

Interview with Julianna Szabo

Once again it has been a little bit since we shared an interview, but fret not it was worth the wait! You may already be familiar with the broad array of talent Julianna Szabo possesses through our post about her Silk Road Film Festival typographic pieces, wowing us with the miniature versions of most parts of the globe. Sometimes her work also features stop motion animation, bringing to life these wonderful three dimensional set designs. This interview will take a deeper look into her background, process and how she got to where she is today. Enjoy!

Interview with Paper Artist Julianna Szabo seen first on Strictlypaper

Dome+: Lightweight Lamps Crafted from Paper and Cement

Dome +: A Lightweight Lamps Crafted from Paper and Cement by Rita Koralevis

Cool urban features and raw organic elements are brought together in the design of the Dome+ lamp through a play on textures and contrasting yet complementing materials. The lamps are designed by Paper Up! founder Rita Koralevics, an artist and designer who creates handmade paper objects using recycled materials. The Budapest-based designer has a passion for eco-friendly handcrafted products and modern design, and the Dome+ lamp exemplifies this perfectly. Shaped like a dome, the lamp is made from cement and paper, a combination that ensures it is both lightweight and tough. The heavily textured surface boasts a line pattern and is complemented by a smooth bamboo strap which can be used to tilt the concrete section to direct the light, making it a perfect fit to your own interior. A textile covered gray cord connects the concrete and wood elements, while metal bolts and nuts add an industrial accent to the design. Ultimately, Dome + is designed to add a creative accent to living spaces or commercial settings but it also offers a playful take on eco-friendly lighting. Photography by Ákos Sarkadi-Tóth.

Albrecht Dürer’s Rhinoceros by Rebeka Molnar

Albrecht Dürer's Rhinoceros by Rebeka Molnar

Rebeka Molnar is a Hungarian-based graphic designer who has created her own interpretation of Albrecht Dürer's rhinoceros from lots of colorful paper and glue.

Tribute to Goethe’s ‘Theory of Colors’
by Tímea Andorka

Tribute to Goethe's Theory of Color by Timea Andorka

Tímea Andorka, a freelance graphic designer from Budapest, Hungary, was a part of an international design competition entitled 'Goetheorie' which pays tribute to Geothe's 'Theory of Colors' established in 1810. Shown here are a few pieces that Tímea created based on those theories using light to cast colors as well as shadows.