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Handmade by Lab Matic

Handmade by Labmatic

Lab Matic, a design studio based in Madrid, Spain, has come up with a handmade illustration celebrating summer in these times of cold cold weather. So warm up and let's begin to enjoy the New Year!

One Bit Increment – Papercraft Meets Flash

One Bit Increment Paper Craft Meets Flash One Bit Increment Paper Craft Meets Flash

The One Bit Experience is a web experiment created by Leon Hong and Camile Orillaneda that lets you dive into the creativity and imagination they have instilled in this stunning introduction to their paper crafted website.

FOMA Dream Studio Computer Arts Challenge

FOMA Dream Studio Computer Arts Challenge

FOMA is a Brazilian based Design Studio and Art Collective located in São Paulo. Formed by Davison Carvalho, Cristiane Higa and Gustavo Enzo, FOMA is specialized in Creative and Art Direction for brands and products in a wide range of production expertise from Identity to Broadcast Animation. Nick Carson from Computer Arts Projects UK challenged them in creating a design representing how their Dream Studio should look like, and they decided to make a mix of digital illustration incorporated with a lot of hand made paper crafted work.

The Pin Pals: Paper Puppets

On a recent trip to Portland, Maine I discovered these really lovely Paper Puppets designed by Canadian illustrator Sara Guindon, one of The Pin Pals, in one of the many cute DIY shops called Eli Phant.