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Ceramic Origami Plates and Dishware by Moij Design

Ceramic Origami Plates and Dishware by Moij Design

Hamburg-based ceramic artist Angelina Erhorn of Moij Design creates incredible ceramic dishware that mimics the forms created by folded and unfolded origami paper. Her minimal designs include plates, espresso cups, and vases all covered with delicate creases and the occasional stained geometric elements. You can see more of her work on Instagram and some of her pieces are available on Etsy.

Cosmic Surgery: Origami Portraits by Alma Haser

Cosmic Surgery: Origami Portraits by Alma Haser

London based, German photographer Alma Haser has an all too familiar portrait series entitled Cosmic Surgery, which we saw a glimpse of previously. This collection includes newer portraits specifically for PULSE Miami Beach. Her works have a process made up of three distinct stages. Firstly Alma photographs her sitter, then prints multiple images of the subjects face and folds them into a complicated origami modular construction, which then gets placed back onto the original face of the portrait. Finally the whole piece is re-photographed.

Her works will be on display during PULSE Miami Beach at the De Soto Gallery, Booth N-302 through December 31, 2016, so be sure to check it out and maybe I will see you there! You can also grab her new pop-up book featuring this series, which has some really nice origami pop-ups toward the back, as you can see in the video below.

Cosmic Surgery: Origami Portraits by Alma Haser seen first on on Strictlypaper

Mythological Greek Paper Cut Illustrations by Sameena Jehanzeb


Sameena Jehanzeb is a German artist, certified in graphic and communication design, illustration and paper cut artistry. In this series entitled The Old Masters, one of her favorite projects so far, she was inspired by Greek mythology and the incredibly detailed and stunning sculptures from that era. In these three paper illustrations, she has utilized the positive and negative space beautifully, showing the fine details of the hair in contrast with the solid forms of the gods and goddesses curved bodies.

Stop Motion Paper Animation for Schweigkofler

Max_Moertl_construction_14_o "Once again the employees of Schweigkofler team up to construct something big. This time they build the logo of their South Tyrolean company in front of the magnificent scenery of the alps." Schweigkofler is a nicely crafted short paper animation by Max Mörtl, a director and animator based in Hamburg who loves to create hand-crafted moving images using live action camera tricks and stop motion animation.

Entfaltung: Collapsible Fashion

Jule Waibel Entfaltung: Collapsible Fashion

Enfaltung, which in german harbors many meanings: unfold, expand or develop, is the basis of this Master's thesis project created by german native Jule Waible for her Design Products program at the Royal College of Art. This series features a yellow dress that transformes its shape dependent upon the movement of the body, a green expandable accordion styled bag and an orange umbrella which all use a style referred to as origami tessellation. It is exactly that in which it describes along with the magic of the source of her inspiration, Mary Poppin's enchanted bag. "Collapsible structures reflect how our world is constantly changing," she writes. "My response is to use folding as part of my design process."

Origami In Your FACE, Literally!

Origami In Your FACE, Literally

Expanding the dimensions of traditional portrait photography, German artist Alma Haser takes her photographs further, using inventive paper-folding origami techniques to create layers of intrigue around her subjects, manipulating their portraits into futuristic flattened-paper sculptures. This series entitled, Cosmic Surgery, where she photographs her sitter, then prints multiple images of the subjects face which is then folded into complicated origami pieces. These pieces are then placed back onto the original face and re-photographed, making a very for a very unique series, honing in on her interest in making work that has a disquieting or disconcerting resonance.

Giant Cardboard Ghettoblaster for Mini by Bartek Elsner

Bartek Elsner - Mini Ghettoblaster - Paper Sculpture - Front Bartek Elsner is a Berlin based freelance art director and multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on digital communication. What we love most about him: He is insanely good in building really stylish cardboard sculptures. This giant cardboard ghettoblaster was build to promote the International Radio Festival 2012 in Zurich / Switzerland. The huge boombox is sourrounding the car. The Mini is the battery for the powerful sound which you can see from the backside.

Origami Camouflage by Comali

Origami Camouflage by Comali

Comali is a german based company made up of Nadja Oertel and Susanne Sandritter where their business concept is to have a socially responsible and sustainable design on-line trading for individuals. Here they have three different animals, squirrel, elephant and butterfly, camouflaging themselves into their wallpapered backgrounds.

Polygonal Paper Chair by Christian Fiebig

Polygonal Paper Chair by Christian Fiebig

Christian Fiebig is a german product designer that has created his reinterpretation of the chesterfield deep buttoned armchair by use of a computer program to reconstruct it entirely with polygonal faces. He then made this prototype come to life by rebuilding it with paper which helped him to realize it as a full scale model. He is currently still working on the development of the chair as a functional piece.

Hard: The Interactive Bookazine by Ruben Scupin

Hard The Interactive Bookazine by Ruben Scupin

Ruben Scupin, a talented and multifaceted designer from Germany, is bringing the experience of fashion and beauty like never before with his Bachelor's project entitled HARD, a Bookazine featuring interactive elements such as Pop-Up, lenticular images, stitching and much more.