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Fresh Drinks: Tropical Paper Craft Ingredients by Rendi Studio

Fresh Drinks: Tropical Paper Craft Ingredients by Rendi Studio - Carambola + Watermelon

Franco Giovanella, a graphic designer based in Jaraguá do Sul, a small town in southern Brazil, has been working in the graphic design industry for the last 10 years, particularly in advertising agencies and other studios. Becoming tired of working towards solely the final product, Franco opted to start enjoying it and adding a dash of fun, hence the birth of Rendi Studio, an agency focusing primarily in tactile design. This collection of delicious looking drinks all have their colorful ingredients crafted out of paper and who doesn't love a little bit of paper food, I know I do! Similar to Nearly Normal's paper fruit calendar, these polygonal fruits burst to life!

Fun Flavors 2014 Papercraft Calendar By Nearly Normal


Known for their mastery in paper craft and thinking outside of the box, London-based design studio Nearly Normal are far and few in between when it comes to showcasing their talent. You may remember one of their projects "The Wolf I Used To Be..." a beautiful stop-motion animation where a wolf wants to become a man and then realized he is better off where he was in the beginning.

In this installment, Nearly Normal has created a calendar, but with a twist. The entire calendar is made out of paper and each month shows a different fruit cut in half with the patterned numbers of that particular month on the inside. I love the colors and I think the project itself is beautifully done. Each of the items were paper crafted by Victoria Bee, Rita Araujo, and Cris Wiegandt.

Paper Food by David Trujillo

Paper Food by David Trujillo

David Trujillo is a native of Ecuador currently residing in Portland, Oregan as an Interactive Designer for Wieden+Kennedy. He was asked to transform our everyday interpretation of a bean and plum through graphic abstraction of color, texture, and 3D paperboard package design. In the final result he was able to bring them to their simplest form which in turn transformed them into abstract three-dimensional versions of the food products.

Cardboard Fruits and Vegetables Stand by Don Lucho

El Puesto De Don Lucho 9 "El Puesto de Don Lucho" is a fruit and vegetables stand of cardboard that chilean artist Don Lucho built for a street fair in Santiago de Chile in July, 2010. The stand was inside the fair next to other stands of real fruit and vegetables. Don Lucho sold his cardboard fruit from 9:00 am to 14:30pm, the same time the real fair was on:
"I sold a lot of cardboard fruits. The people reactions were different, some were angry because the fruit was fake, others thought it was a hidden camera show, other people laughed. A lot of people asked many questions like what is this fruit for or if there was real fruit inside the cardboard fruit? The real fruit sellers got very angry and started shouting: Stop buying cardboard fruit! It's not real fruit!"—Don Lucho
The work is about questioning the visual value of objects and the obviousness of them in their own context. Based on peoples reactions I'd say that this little experiment was quite a success. As you can see in the close up images all cardboard fruit are beautifully hand crafted and I could see them being sold in fancy art stores. But I'm sure, selling the fruit there would be a lot more boring. If I would have had the chance to be at that fair I would have definitely bought some of the fruit!