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YCN Fedrigoni Pizza Paper Sculpture

YCN Fedrigoni: Pizza Paper Sculpture

We love our fair share of paper food sprinkled throughout the site, hence the need to include this gem, especially for pizza lovers! The lovely pizza paper sculpture you see before you is a collaborative submission by Leeds-based graphic designers Sebastian Needler and Andy Foster for YCN's Fedrigoni brief. Within the brief they were asked to provide a range of products highlighting specifically the high-end stock, while also showcasing their versatility. They decided to link back to Fedriogini's Italian origins with arguably Italy's most famous food, the pizza.

Fedrigoni Paper Showroom: Tea & Biscuits by Toby Edwards

Toby Edwards Fedrigoni Paper Showroom Tea Biscuits

In the December 182 Issue of Computer Arts Magazine I scored a calendar that showcases astounding work from new designers and illustrators for 2011. For the month of January low and behold I stumbled upon artist Toby Edwards a graphic designer from London. The spread for the month of January is what is shown above, a showcase for Fedrigoni, a widely known paper company which is represented in, you guessed it paper.