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Pattern Matters: December 2012

Pattern Matters: December 2012

The December 2012 calendar from the graphic design project Pattern Matters by Lim Siang Ching.

Crackin’ Calendar For December

Nutcracker Calendar for December

We saw last months calendar from Go Scout Creative that blew us all away and shed a bit of color and cheer to confused month of weather. Well now we have a new calendar that is sure to crack you up.... literally! They have bestowed upon us the Nutcracker himself popping out of a box ready to crack some acorns (that I didn't take the liberty of making). This calendar of the month was a little more challenging and if you saw the process of my gluing you would probably shake your head, however I assure you it's worth it and you will probably do a better job. Thanks again guys! I can't wait for next months calendar for the start of the new year!