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Colorful Poster Series Mimicking Cut Paper for Wellington City Council Summer Series

Colorful Poster Series Mimicking Cut Paper for Wellington City Council Summer Series

We have all been enamored by the incredible works of Eiko Ojala and how his digital illustration style mimics the look of layered cut paper like in his Naked series. He sure had me fooled! In these posters, Ojala has illustrated beautifully the goings on of various events for the Wellington City Council in New Zealand over the summer. Prepare to be blown away by the bold color combinations, people pouring out of everyday objects and the robust feeling of summer in each and every one.

Whimsical Layered Paper Cut Animal Illustrations by Vaclav Bicha

Whimsical Paper Animal Illustrations Vaclav Bicha  Strictlypaper Whales_front

Originally hailing from Prague, Portugal based freelance illustrator Vaclav Bicha has created this series of adorable and whimsical paper cut illustrations of colorful animals as a personal project to complement his daughters room.

Lunar Cycles: Thousands of Colorful Origami Birds in Paris’ Largest Urban Mural


French street artist Mademoiselle Maurice latest work, Lunar Cycles, is a large-scale installation comprising of 15,000 colorful origami birds in Paris’ 13th arrondissement. Created in collaboration with Mathgoth Gallery, the celestial-inspired artwork spans an area of over 2,000 square meters and is the biggest urban mural ever created in the French capital.

Nine Iconic Outfits Transformed into Paper Doll Portraits by Ajax Lee


Ajax Lee, a Taiwan-based photographer and art dircetor who is passionate about fashion & trends, has transformed nine famous fashion ensembles – designed by the likes of Christian Dior, Issey Miyake, Viktor & Rolf and Yves Saint Laurent — are reimagined as ‘paper doll’ clothes, propped up and positioned against live models. These 'paper dolls' were shot in an amusement park to match the whimsicality of the theme, the images depict dresses, coats, skirts and swimsuits ‘cut-out’ from large paper sheets, where ‘tabs’ seemingly secure the garment to the model. The models are surrounded by vibrantly hued backdrops, along with paper-made accessories such as dogs, cats, and surf boards to complete the wacky scenes.

Colorful Layered Paper Cut Poster Depicting Ocean Pollution by Aline Houdé-Diebolt

Colorful-Layered-Poster-Depicting-Ocean-Protection-by-Aline-Houde-Diebolt-Full Paris based visual artist and paper crafter Aline Houdé-Diebolt has produced this campaign focusing on a subject that is super sensitive to us all, our ecosystem, while in this particular instance the detriment of pollution to our oceans. She has…

Wonderfully Vibrant Miniature Paper House Series by Cameron Garland


Seattle-based cut-paper artist and illustrator Cameron Garland's portfolio has a wide array of vibrant paper cut illustrations that leave you in shock and awe of his talents, especially since a lot of his works are at a super small scale. That's right, itty bitty, super tiny paper craft works. In this particular series, the focus is on some of his latest miniature paper sculptures, a themed paper house series.

Colorful Shredded Paper Installations by Travis Rice


Mixed media artist Travis Rice has taken paper art to a whole other level with his psychedelic installations. They literally burst with life, overflowing with colorful shreds of paper by the thousands. With the use of a document shredder, meticulous placement and patience, he is able to create these beautiful scenes, that only naturally make your imagination run wild and with names like 'Cotton Candy Cesspool' and 'Rainbow Dyed Psychedelic Hallucination', you are transported into these technicolored worlds. The works themselves embody the theory of creating a sense of movement, much like impressionist painters where on canvas the same is conveyed through blurry backgrounds and streaked, painted lines.

2015 Paper Craft Wallpaper by INK Studio


We are now becoming all too familiar with the annual wallpaper feature of Ink Studio. Each year, they always manage to up the ante in terms of their design capabilities, pushing themselves further and further in the spectrum of paperart. If you haven't seen last years paper craft wallpaper, bursting with several party related elements and the message to have an EXPLOSIVE New Year, be sure to check it out!

This years wallpaper is comprised of an urban scene surrounded by lush green landscapes. Some of the details include a super detailed paper cut crane, motionless after the completion of building the one, a bird atop and what appears to be a mountain of sorts made from the five, and a large tree and also hot air balloon in the background. With a theme that is clearly inspired by nature, they look to you in the hopes that you are inspired by it too.

Hermes Atlantis Paper Craft Window Display

Hermes Atlantis Paper Craft Blue Window Display

Zim and Zou has been widely featured throughout the site, from paper usb to chef's masks made from food. This colorful paper craft series was designed for the re-opening of the Hermès store located in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. This series is comprised of three window displays in three different colors, one in blue, one in green and the last in purple, all showcasing various architectural scenes representing the lost city of Atlantis.

Realistic Portraits Made From Paint Chips by Peter Combe

Realistic Portraits Made From Paint Chips

I encourage you to step back from your computer, tablet, ipad or phone to get the full effect of these pieces, oh and possibly do a double take while your at it. That is the first reaction one might have to San Francisco-based artist and photographer Peter Combe's art pieces. His three dimensional works are the recreation of a photographs using hundreds, if even thousands of collaged paint chips inserted into a surface.