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2015 Paper Craft Wallpaper by INK Studio


We are now becoming all too familiar with the annual wallpaper feature of Ink Studio. Each year, they always manage to up the ante in terms of their design capabilities, pushing themselves further and further in the spectrum of paperart. If you haven't seen last years paper craft wallpaper, bursting with several party related elements and the message to have an EXPLOSIVE New Year, be sure to check it out!

This years wallpaper is comprised of an urban scene surrounded by lush green landscapes. Some of the details include a super detailed paper cut crane, motionless after the completion of building the one, a bird atop and what appears to be a mountain of sorts made from the five, and a large tree and also hot air balloon in the background. With a theme that is clearly inspired by nature, they look to you in the hopes that you are inspired by it too.

Hermes Atlantis Paper Craft Window Display

Hermes Atlantis Paper Craft Blue Window Display

Zim and Zou has been widely featured throughout the site, from paper usb to chef's masks made from food. This colorful paper craft series was designed for the re-opening of the Hermès store located in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. This series is comprised of three window displays in three different colors, one in blue, one in green and the last in purple, all showcasing various architectural scenes representing the lost city of Atlantis.

Realistic Portraits Made From Paint Chips by Peter Combe

Realistic Portraits Made From Paint Chips

I encourage you to step back from your computer, tablet, ipad or phone to get the full effect of these pieces, oh and possibly do a double take while your at it. That is the first reaction one might have to San Francisco-based artist and photographer Peter Combe's art pieces. His three dimensional works are the recreation of a photographs using hundreds, if even thousands of collaged paint chips inserted into a surface.

Colorful Three-Dimentional Money Sculptures

Colorful Three-Dimentional Money Sculptures

More commonly then not if you are from the states, like myself, you are more accustomed to seeing currency in only one color for the most part, green. However, as far as international currency is concerned it can range in a wide variety of colors. Now, who would have thought you could create something so beautiful as Kristi Malakoff has created with these unique money sculptures. In her series entitled "Money Pieces" she utilizes that wide spectrum of colors, from currency all over the globe, to produce these awe-inspiring and intricate origami works of flowers and dimensional polygons.

Fun Flavors 2014 Papercraft Calendar By Nearly Normal


Known for their mastery in paper craft and thinking outside of the box, London-based design studio Nearly Normal are far and few in between when it comes to showcasing their talent. You may remember one of their projects "The Wolf I Used To Be..." a beautiful stop-motion animation where a wolf wants to become a man and then realized he is better off where he was in the beginning.

In this installment, Nearly Normal has created a calendar, but with a twist. The entire calendar is made out of paper and each month shows a different fruit cut in half with the patterned numbers of that particular month on the inside. I love the colors and I think the project itself is beautifully done. Each of the items were paper crafted by Victoria Bee, Rita Araujo, and Cris Wiegandt.

2014 Paper Craft Wallpaper by INK Studio


For those of you who aren't familiar with the last New Year related paper craft wallpaper for 2013, it captured a wild element, showcasing colorful totem-like bird creatures in the shape of the one and three for the new year. In this representation of 2014, there are several party related elements along with a message from INK Studio wishing an explosive new year! You can download here.

Vitamins & Placebo by Zim and Zou


With a series of colorful projects such as vintage electronics or chef's masks, the french dynamic duo Zim and Zou has acquired a quite vibrant design style. In this series they have created a project for the magazine DER SPIEGEL Wissen about vitamins and placebo and their placement in the world.

For the vitamins series, there is one pill that contains fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and nutrients. The second however, is more about the darker side of the industry and the money that it is after. For the placebo portion, they created fake boxes of medicine with fake names, such as Obecalp = placebo for instance, where some are sliced to show their emptiness.

3D Paper Patterns by Maud Vantours

3D Paper Patterns by Maud Vantours

The use of colors, patterns and paper have become an important place in her work, that's why Paris-based artist Maud Vantours has become so great at what she does. She sculpts each piece in 3D layer after layer, by superimposing paper and colors to for a collage of inspired patterns in volume.

Perfil Magazine: Green Edition

Perfil Magazine: Green Edition

Here is a lovely advertising series representing the Green Edition of Perfil Magazine by Costa Rican based design studio Osopez. I love the oversized origami animals, created by German Chacón, that are showcased with their pieces having different colors, it definitely makes for an interestingly unique and very vibrant editorial.

New Exotic Birds

New Exotic Birds Diana Beltran HerreraNew Exotic Birds Diana Beltran Herrera

We have featured various types of paper birds throughout our site. Some ranging from completely intricate and others beings somewhat abstract. In Diana Beltran Herrera's last series of birds, she made just that, the birds were more simplified and showed just the overall structure. Leaving the attributes less detailed and more abstract.

In her new series, which showcases exotic birds from all over the world, she had taken her skills to a whole new level, producing a gorgeous set of paper bird sculptures with defined attributes, making them feel completely real and beautifully colored. The feathers on each bird is truly astounding!