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Intricate Interlocked Geometric Cut Paper Sculptures Inspired by Science and Nature

Intricate Interlocked Geometric Cut Paper Sculptures Inspired by Science and Nature

Seeking inspiration from the beauty found in science and nature, Portland based paper artist Chrissie Hart creates astonishing sculptures comprised of several layers of paper, meticulously cut and interlocked to create these incredibly detailed and colorful works of art. Hart is a self-taught artist whose attention to detail is clearly prevalent through these designs. Her process begins by first drawing each design and then scans them into illustrator, where she then perfects each piece with what she claims to be an OCD refinement, carefully removing any unnecessary details and adding others where she deems necessary. She tells Strictlypaper, "I love the lines to be straight and mirrored perfectly. I usually prefer more lines interlacing, so if I see a different shape, I can exclude some of those lines and cut through them to create the look that I see as pleasing."

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Over 25,000 Paper Flowers Transform Tokyo Venue into Colorful Art Experience

Over 25,000 Paper Flowers Transform Tokyo Venue into Colorful Art Experience by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Emmanuelle Moureaux has done it again with this visually stimulating scene featuring more than 25,000 colorful paper flowers slowly spiraling along their individual lines around a 6-meter atrium at the multi-purpose cultural center of Omotesando in Tokyo. We have been wowed by her work previously, and this in particular is part of her newest interactive installation, "Color Mixing," where the French-born, Tokyo-based architect has transformed this atrium through her vibrant works as part of NSK’s 100th anniversary exhibition, "Setting the Future in Motion."

In order to convey the technology of NSK simply and beautifully, Moureaux presents this enormous installation to show the movement of colors using bearings. As visitors move into the spiral atrium, they are immersed in Moureaux’s colorful paper world. This empty space has now become a secret garden where flowers pour down in hundreds of different colors.

Botanical Studies Through Colorful Cut Paper Illustrations

Botanical Studies Through Colorful Cut Paper Illustrations by Niege Borges

Hailing from the super cold and sometimes super hot south of Brazil, Brooklyn based graphic designer and illustrator Niege Borges has an online body of work comprised of colorful infographics. This same color splashed theme shows through in this stunning series that she started earlier this year. "I started this series," she tells Strictlypaper, "because I decided to combine my love for old botanical illustrations and my desire to make something that is not digital at all. I make a lot of work on my computer and I really like it, but for a while I felt like I needed to create something more tactile with paper, which I always liked to play with."

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New Portraits Made From Hundreds of Punched Paint Chips

New Portraits Made From Hundreds of Punched Paint Chips - Liz Claiborne

I will be attending the art fairs in Miami Beach this year and I'm super excited to share some of the talented artists that will be exhibiting there. One in particular that I have written about previously is Peter Combe, San Francisco based artist whose fascination with the subtle shifts of light, color and movement in his art, creates three dimensional portraits comprised of thousands of household paint swatches that have been punched or shredded. Drawing from a spectrum of 1,100 colors, he works tonally–each color of the single colors are placed based on tone rather than hue, providing an almost pointillist finish. Depending on the vantage point of the viewer, they subtly transform, an effect that is difficult to imagine whilst not being present before the work. So, for your viewing pleasure, his work will be on display for Art Miami at the Andrea Schwartz Gallery, originally based in San Francisco, from Nov 29th - Dec 4th and for Robert Fontaine Gallery, Booth 112 at CONTEXT Art Fair Nov 29 - Dec 4.

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Abstract Contemporary Collage Reliefs Constructed from Found Cardboard

Abstract Contemporary Collage Reliefs Constructed from Found Cardboard by Ryan Sarah Murphy

New York based artist Ryan Sarah Murphy creates abstract, sculptural collages using found and collected cardboard and book covers, which are then recycled and transformed into contemporary works of art. Though these abstract paper reliefs appear to be painted, however they are completely altered as is. Ryan Sarah's artistic practice generates from a wholly intuitive place, prompted by the materials that come and go freely within her day-to-day experience. As a compulsively overlooked throw-away, the artist is rather interested in the way the simple, abundant and inherently impermanent materials can be structured into quiet surfaces that convey both formation and dilapidation simultaneously. Her work is currently on display at the Odetta Gallery in London through December 18th, 2016, in a series entitled Bauhaus babies, alongside Richard Bottwin and Sylvia Schwartz. The exhibition, curated by artist Ellen Hackl Fagan, aims to focus on the special interest given to contemporary painting, glyphs, music, Color Field, Buddha Mind, Minimalism, playfulness and encyclopedic obsessiveness.

Abstract Contemporary Collage Reliefs Constructed from Found Cardboard seen first on on Strictlypaper

Whimsical and Colorful Quilled Illustrations by Meloney Celliers

Whimsical Quilled Illustrations by Meloney Celliers

With the use of a pen, a wild imagination and some amazing quilling skills, English paper artist Meloney Celliers is able to bring these colorful illustrations to life! Now that winter is definitely fallen upon us, I'm looking to these cheerful and vibrant works to spark a bit of spring pep back into my step. Come on Spring! Celliers' ornate paper flowers, wether bursting from Wellies or the antlers of a deer are nothing short of inspiring. You can see more of her works by following her on Instagram or through her shop on Etsy.

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3D Letter Sculptures for the Silk Road Film Festival Crafted From Paper

3D Letters for Silk Road Film Festival Crafted From Paper - SRFF

Dublin based artist Julianna Szabo is the creator of intricately detailed, hand-cut paper sets and illustrations. Her tactile worlds are often three dimensional and sometimes even brought to life with the use of stop motion animation, drawing you in with several visual metaphors. This typographic series was a commission for the annual Silk Road Film Festival, where she was asked to create a poster that represented the event. Her inspiration was drawn from the ancient silk road itself, making the 3D hand crafted, paper letters a representation of the journey along that road.

The S, in the form of a mountain, represents China and is wrapped with a winding dragon, the R representing India, is stacked with a tall latticed building atop an elephant, the F for the Arabic world, features beautiful golden mosque domes and a camel in the desert, and lastly, the F for Europe, features well known landmarks, like Greek columns, the Roman Amphitheater and the waterways of Venice. Be sure to watch the making of to get a more in depth look into how it all came together. Each letter is so ornately detailed and fashioned with the monuments and architectural structures from these regions, I can only imagine the amount of hours it must have taken to accomplish such a wonderful masterpiece.

Barcelona’s Architectural Landmarks Crafted in Pink Paper

Barcelona's Architectural Landmarks Crafted in Pink Paper - Freixenet

French Studio Zim and Zou have created a colorful campaign for Spanish sparkling wine brand Freixenet, using paper varying shades of pink to create a backdrop of the city of Barcelona. Each building is meticulously crafted to fit into this architectural landscape lined with landmarks from the Catalan capital — including Gaudi’s Sagrada Família, Casa Mila, Parc de la Ciutadella, and buildings in Park Güell. All made by hand, these buildings have been carefully cut, glued and assembled into miniature renditions of the well-known cityscape.

Fresh Drinks: Tropical Paper Craft Ingredients by Rendi Studio

Fresh Drinks: Tropical Paper Craft Ingredients by Rendi Studio - Carambola + Watermelon

Franco Giovanella, a graphic designer based in Jaraguá do Sul, a small town in southern Brazil, has been working in the graphic design industry for the last 10 years, particularly in advertising agencies and other studios. Becoming tired of working towards solely the final product, Franco opted to start enjoying it and adding a dash of fun, hence the birth of Rendi Studio, an agency focusing primarily in tactile design. This collection of delicious looking drinks all have their colorful ingredients crafted out of paper and who doesn't love a little bit of paper food, I know I do! Similar to Nearly Normal's paper fruit calendar, these polygonal fruits burst to life!

Quirky Paper Portraits by Set Designer Adriana Napolitano

Quirky Paper Portraits by Adriana Napolitano - August

Italian designer and photographer Adriana Napolitano's love for paper is immense and shines through with her incredible set designs completely made of paper. These paper portraits all have various themes, some featuring Adriana herself in several calendar settings, such as the giant wave pictured above, to a gentleman in the full blue luchador costume, to her and her good friend Linus as twinsies!

All in all each character that is portrayed, whether her or her subjects, are ultimately covered in or representing paper in some way. My particular fave happens to be the chef attempting to tame his dinner, hehe. The amount of work that she places into creating each of these paper scenarios alone may seem a bit daunting to some, but Napolitano shows loving effort by building all of the costumes, props and sets for her paper portraits and self-portraits herself. She clearly takes pride in this infinitely malleable medium that we all know and love, paper!