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Creatives Make New York City

Creatives Make New York City - Behance

"Creatives Make New York City" is a celebration of craft, process and the creative community. Writers, designers, art directors, illustrators, musicians, glass-blowers, wood-burners and the like will be gathering November 15th from 6pm-8pm at SapientNitro, 40 Fulton St, New York, NY 10038 to celebrate the people and creative that make this city great. Developed in support of Behance Portfolio Review Night, the actual set piece was handmade to bring together the community to share and inspire.

Tiny Cityscapes Crafted From Scraps Of Cardboard

Tiny Cityscapes Crafted From Scraps Of Cardboard

I'm sure some of us have seen some pretty amazing installations in the past whether it be large or small, there are some extremely talented artists out there who deserve some praise. Kiel Johnson happens to be one of those artists and should be duly noted thanks to his astounding installation entitled “Everyone’s an Architect” for TEDActive 2012.

London Cityscape by Andy Singleton

London Cityscape by Andy Singleton

Here is a new work of the London cityscape from talented paper artist Andy Singleton.

Yaron Steinberg’s Brain/City

A brain as a city build out of cardboard from the outside Artist Yaron Steinberg created a giant installation completely made of cardboard of what he imagines his brain looks like. Hundreds of shimmering tiny houses make us think of Brazilian favelas and barrios. A toy train that circles around to connect the brain's inhabitants. How do you imagine your brain?

Cardboard Heaven by Nina Lindgren

Nina Lindgren is a Sweden based artist that has constructed this profoundly intricate piece entitled "Cardboard Heaven". One can only wonder what goes on behind the walls and little windows and the stories that they hold.

Louis Vuitton City Guide 2011 – New York, the Big Apple

ouis Vuitton City Guide 2011, NewYork - The Big Apple

Louis Vuitton's attempt to solve the mystery of New York’s “Big Apple” title. A promotion video for its New York City Guide 2011 Edition, produced by Mathias Vayer and directed by Romain Chassaing. The Guide is launching today, October 15th.

Daisy Lew: Pop-Up Books Inspired by NYC

 Daisy Lew: Pop-Up Books Inspired by NYC - Big Apple

Inspired by the icons of New York City, NYC based, Korean designer Daisy Lew has cleverly crafted New York's cityscape in her series Pop-Up NYC. From the side these kirigami cutouts are miniaturized buildings holding a representation of the city. Then as you shift your gaze to an aerial perspective they transform into some well known icons, the Big Apple, Statue of Liberty, Chrysler Building and of course, a yellow cab!